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Ulexia By Ufo

Ugames By UFO, together with Ulexia the nice Alien mascot from the planet Cryptoland, is a game concept implemented by freelancers all over the world who bring their knowledge in the web, cryptocurrencies, casino and solidity fields.

Ugames by choice does not have a fixed team because the goal is to set the highest rate of decentralization and security which represent a great innovation and the mission to implement a system with a life of its own. Over the years the project will develop and will see a progressive increase in the price and the freelancers involved who will have the opportunity to express their opinion on the transparency and legality of the project.

The road map is being developed, several developers are already working to create poker tables, the casino and the auction room, which will support the price of the UFOs and give significant rewards to the holders.

Token Ugames (UFO) has a unique structure of its kind, with an effective anti whale system and an invisible barrier for speculators both for private sale and for those who will buy after the public launch. All the details are available on the White Paper and road map already available on the telegram channel t.me/ugames_ufo.

The website www.ugames.space is being defined and we will announce its release in a few days, the private sale is scheduled for the end of July and the public launch in DE.FI by the end of August. pankacke swap. By accessing the telegram channel it is visible that an airdrop for play Poker has started which gives UFOs to all participants in evening tournaments whose purpose is to give the perception of what the platform will offer, about 15 free tournaments are planned in the coming days as announced on the telegram channel.

Analyzing the Road Map it is clear that this is an ambitious project that aims high, towards the stars and beyond!

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