Educacoin – Cryptocurrency X Education.

The first Brazilian cryptocurrency/token, present in 18 countries, is generated with education, culture, sport and social development.

Created in March 2019, Educacoin is the first Brazilian cryptocurrency/token to facilitate access to education, culture, sport and social development. Currently, partner of the Raoni Institute, with environmental education projects, and with the Canadian Institute Lilia Foundation, developing various social actions for children at risk.

 Educacoin consolidates itself in the world market by promoting difference as a tool of social change through education.

Education in Brazil is far from achieving the rates desired by the National Education Plan (NEP). The NEP is a Brazilian law that establishes guidelines and goals for the national, state and municipal development of education. There are 20 targets at a national level with a date for full compliance by 2024. 

Although access to early childhood education has increased in recent years, with school attendance in the age group of up to 3 years rising from 30.4% in 2016 to 34.2% in 2018 and at the age of 4 and 5 years has increased from 90.2% to 92.4%, access to higher education remains restricted, stabilized in less than 23.1% of young people aged 18 to 24 years studying.

Thus, the National Education Plan that establishes for 2024 the proportion of 33% of young people attending college at the correct age will not be reached. According to the Synthesis of Social Indicators (SIS) 2019, of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), which analyzes the Brazilian population’s living conditions. The Brazilian education scene, known to all, has a long agonized society. And within this reality, Educacoin emerges as an alternative to education.

But what is cryptocurrency/token?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies, a digital asset that uses encryption to ensure the security of your transactions. Just as physical currencies have specific characteristics and numbers to prevent counterfeiting, digital currencies rely on security and integrity mechanisms, encryption that all have increased the confidence of fans of digital currencies over the years. 

There are several cryptocurrencies, one of them; also, the best known is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, generated without the intervention of central authority or control intermediation. It came to be known worldwide in the year 2014. 

The  Token is a crypto asset that needs an existing platform to work. Tokens are much more accessible than the creation of entire cryptocurrencies, as they use an existing platform or infrastructure, with no interference in their value.

The creation of cryptocurrencies, in general, has made it easier to make money transfers between people, especially in transactions across borders, which can be done at low cost and quickly, regardless of the amount transacted. One of the benefits of investment is that the number of cryptocurrencies is limited, making the value theoretically increasing, assuming that demand also increases, i.e., cryptocurrencies tend to appreciate over time, becoming a good investment in the medium and long term.

TheCryptocurrency/Token Educacoinstarted in March 2019 Blockchain Waves technology and is now migrating to ERC20 Ethereum giving a much larger scale to its operations, which makes transactions extremely safe and fast.

These settings are within reach of everyone in the world. There are more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies available on the internet. This is a continually growing market where new currencies can be created at any time. Educacoin, present in 18 countries, is a 100% Brazilian cryptocurrency and growing even in the face of uncertainty and skepticism.

Rogério Rodrigues, the founder of cryptocurrency/token, says: “With Educacoin we want to alleviate the student shortage, increasing the capacity to modernize educational processes and expanding the possibilities of interaction between students and geographically separated institutions. Educacoin is a utility token. We aim at the decentralization of education, where anyone can have higher and technical education from anywhere in the world.”

EducaCoin Roadmap

EDC has substantial legal, accounting, financial and tax basis in Brazil. With the work of EducaCoin Global Partner Daniel Aguirre Moreira and global EDC ambassadors, this model is being exported to other countries to contribute to the world’s economy and education by donating resources for free studies for those who cannot afford it, also donating resources in favor of culture and sports. 

From the first quarter of 2021, EducaCoin will be in 3 international exchanges.

EDC has already purchased more than 40 million dollars in real estate assets in Brazil with EDC encryption. 

EDC has also bought  EBankdigital in 1M dollars with EDC crypto and bought a university that will start operations in 2021, and all courses will be paid 100% with EDC crypto.

EducaCoin has two years of community in more than 18 countries that exchange the EDC and will be present during the Annual Business Summit/International Honours Dubai 2021. EducaCoin is the official crypto of Virtual Digital Bootcamp in Nigeria, and other African countries focused on education, culture and sports with 25 thousand students.

EducaCoin Ambassador to Nigeria, Collin Nnabugwu has introduced the EDC to the European Parliament, the United Nations, the U.S. Embassy, and other major international governmental and private institutions that have shown interest in the EDC.  EducaCoin Ambassador to France and Monaco, Mariett Ramm, is opening media dialogues globally with intense focus on. Europe to increase awareness of EducaCoin, the most dynamic EdTech Startup in Latin America. 

Mr. Abraham Paul Vatakencherry, Global Influencer & Strategist with an extensive global HNW and UHNW network, Consultant to Indywood Billionaire Club Virtual Event for Startups and  EducaCoin Global Ambassador, has made substantial movements in discussing international collaboration regarding EDC presence in the BRICS and ASEAN countries to unite the educational arena as a joint influence of global trends towards decentralization, globalization and internationalization via blockchain technology. 

Differential: Educacoin Partnerships.

Currently, there are two significant partnerships with the Raoni Institute and  Foundation Lilia. The Raoni Institute is the organization named after Cacique Raoni, located in Mato Grosso. The Chief Raoni, throughout its trajectory, has been the protagonist in several struggles in favor of indigenous peoples and the Amazon and has been recognized internationally as a legitimate leadership and spokesperson for the preservation of the environment. 

This would seem to focus on environmental education actions, awaken the understanding of the need to commit to the environment, take responsibility, and face today’s environmental challenges. Foundation Lilia is a Canadian organization that aims to rescue children from child trafficking and poverty. The Lilia Foundation empowers families and children, especially in rural areas, where there is extreme poverty, offering alternatives to education and work, teaching them to become self-sustaining. 

“We all need to go through a process of awareness and to learn so that we understand that we are part of a systemic whole, where everything is interconnected; and that our actions have direct consequences on the environment and thousands of lives in the world, in this way it is necessary to do something, and Educacoin does,” says Rogério Rodrigues creator of cryptocurrency/token.

Even during the new coronavirus’s pandemic crisis, the Brazilian cryptocurrency has registered an increase in the number of customers. To create or add an Educacoin Token is to open a digital wallet in the App Trust Wallet, practically and straightforwardly; from the opening of the account, it will be possible to receive and send the transaction amounts through the Blockchain Waves network.

Finally, like every unit of value, even digital, its movement should also be declared in income tax. Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future that can be spared and used later as you wish.  Educacoin is the center of use in education, culture, sport and social development.

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