Gaming Spotlight: PlayLine Fantasy Sports Scores a Winning Grade


By: Justin Kaufbaum

Each month I highlight a gaming platform that offers cryptocurrency functionality in game play, purchasing, depositing or withdrawals. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard of fantasy sports. Friends get together, draft a virtual team of athletes, and then manage the roster for the season. The team with the best performing players across a variety of statistical categories wins. It’s been described as D&D for sports nerds, albeit with far more hilarious punishments for the losing players. 

You’ve probably also heard of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) – a subsect of traditional fantasy sports – where contests begin and end on one single day. It’s a metaphorical form of fantasy crack, if you will, where the highs hit hard and fast – so you know I had to get a fix! (again, metaphorically speaking). 

With my crypto pipe in hand, my first stop was a couple of fantasy sports gaming forums. I needed to find a dealer that could give me what I wanted – but also dabbled in crypto. A user with the pseudonym millyroc put me on to

Founded by UFC Champion Michael Bisping (cool!) and NBA All Star Roy Hibbert (he’s tall, cool!) I landed upon a site that, at first glance, was fairly easy to understand even for this sports NEWb. 

The premise is simple. Predict the stats of athletes and win $1,000,000 if you get them all right. You can also win other prizing, made up from a pool of entry fees collected from users, if your predictions are closer than your opponents.

The site does not let you deposit funds with crypto due to identity requirements within the industry (bummer, but understandable) – but they do let you withdrawal via BTC. With my extravagant corporate card in hand, and the full weight of the budget behind me, I cashed in for $20, with dreams of taking home the $1,000,000 prize – without ever having it hit a fiat institution. 

I entered into a $20 contest offering $100,000 in guaranteed prizes ($25,000 to 1st place) entitled, ‘Beat @BUSTER Challenge’. I don’t know who Buster is – but safe to say, he was GOING DOWN!

My task: predict the points, rebounds and assists totaled by James Harden, Jimmy Butler and Damien Lillard. Nine stats stood between me and $1,000,000. One simple problem – I know nothing about basketball, and since none of these players starred in Space Jam, it seemed like my chances were akin to the little aliens from Moron Mountain before they stole their powers. 

In the meantime, PlayLine made available a few tools to help out a desperate know-nothing like myself – including a handy ‘Use Avgs’ button – which populated my entry with the players average stats in each category. Seemed like a sound place to start.

From there, I began my research – which amounted to judging the players performance by the quality of their beard. If you don’t know – James Harden has a wicked beard, so I put him down for a big night! Jimmy Butler has some facial hair, so I kept him around his averages, while Damian Lillard sports just a chin-strap, and led me to a below-average prediction for the Portland player. With my submission complete, I took a moment to reflect on my process – “there’s no way I can win, right?” I thought to myself before clicking the ENTER button. 

As the games began, I was able to track my submission via live scoring. I was glued in, anticipating the results at each interval.

As the games wound to a close, it appears I was on to something – as I found myself ‘in the money’! My beard-based strategy left me in 49th place out of 6,000 entrants! I won $80.

Eager to test the crypto functionality, I submitted a withdrawal request for $60 – which was fulfilled and landed into my BTC wallet within 24hrs. 

With $20 remaining in my account, I’ll be back next week to bust up Buster once again (beard strategy FTW!), and if you’re a fan of fantasy sports, or even a casual like me, I recommend you do the same!

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