Dash Core Group Announces Bold Ideas to Improve Dash’s Lagging Market Performance

Dash Core Group’s CEO Ryan Taylor laid out a bold plan to fix Dash’s poor price performance relative to the rest of the cryptocurrency markets, including potentially reducing the proof-of-work mining reward and introducing elements of proof-of-stake. This was previously alluded to in an extended Twitter thread earlier in the week.

During a comprehensive presentation to close out the Dash Evolution Open House event this weekend Scottsdale, Arizona, Taylor outlined a comprehensive history of Dash’s structure and its resulting impact on the price, citing previous price spikes and crashes and linking them with specific incentives within the network. He emphasized different elements to Dash’s incentive structure, including the reward split with 45% of new coins created giving incentives to masternodes to keep coins off the market while 45% to miners provides incentives to instantly sell in order to cover razor-thin margins in the mining industry, and their effects in contributing to 2017’s massive surge and subsequent crash. Finally, Taylor proposed several potential solutions to the issue, including changing reward distributions and potentially changing Dash’s consensus method.

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