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Bitcoin Bay expands blockchain investment to Toronto
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Bitcoin Bay expands blockchain investment to Toronto

Canadian blockchain company Bitcoin Bay has partnered with investment group BitAngels to expand the blockchain investment ecosystem in Toronto, according to a press release shared with Coin Rivet.

Bitcoin Bay specialises in consulting, product development, smart contract development, and community engagement. By partnering with BitAngels, Bitcoin Bay will become BitAngels’ ‘city leader’ in Toronto. It will host a monthly or bi-monthly event focusing on:

  • Market trends
  • Blockchain start-up presentations
  • Networking between venture capital companies, angel investors, and developers

BitAngels supports a community of skilled blockchain professionals, developers, and enthusiasts. The company often organises local events in key cities to encourage networking, growth within the space, and even online collaboration.

What will the partnership deliver?

Edward Buchi, co-founder and director of Bitcoin Bay, states: “Through our partnership, we aim to accelerate blockchain adoption not only in Toronto, but internationally by connecting global entrepreneurs, investors, and communities through exclusive networking events.

“Founders are invited to pitch their projects to investors, and give them an early inside look at some of the most exciting up-and-coming blockchain ventures.”

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