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How to Choose a Platform to Start Cryptogambling
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How to Choose a Platform to Start Cryptogambling

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Gambling has a tendency to divide people into three groups: the players, the anti-gamblers, and the indifferent. Whether you are in the first or the last group, you should probably learn something about a new wave in betting and games – cryptogambling.

With the rising popularity of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development, it was only a question of time when two super-popular things would collide. Since 1994, online casinos were getting more and more known, and there’s no wonder why: it is much more convenient, the payouts are faster, it feels safer to play from your home or office than actually visiting casinos. However, scam is quite a thing right now as well, and it’s harder to make people trust you nowadays. We’ve got some great news: we test crypto casinos and make sure that they’re a safe environment before recommending them. Coingambler has got your back on that. You can check the list of best crypto casinos in the world.

What are those?

Crypto casinos, obviously, are places where you can gamble with different cryptocurrencies. Crypto casinos have a lot to offer:          

●     gambling games

●      classic casino games

●     sports-based betting

●     online lotteries

●     spread betting

You can find basically everything you need in terms of lotteries, slot machines, card and board games. You can even bet on horseraces and pretty much every other sport there is. Nowadays’ online casinos have everything to satisfy your personal needs and preferences.

Why bitcoin?

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, and since then it had own rises and falls. It remains one of the most popular topics of discussion, and you cannot omit any news about it. It has a list of great advantages:

–       Almost complete absence of commissions during transactions.

–       High level of security thanks to cryptographic ciphers – similar algorithms are used in the best financial organizations in the world.

–       Convenience in sending and verification – the whole range of operations related to this comes down to elementary actions that take only a couple of moments.

–       Transfer speed – while standard money transfers take from 1 to 5 days, the cryptocurrency is sent instantly. The only exceptions are cases where a series of network confirmations are required – but even this will take, at most, an hour.

–       Availability at any time – when using virtual money, you do not depend on time zones and working hours of banking institutions.

All these fluctuations in the exchange rate, conversion, and other monetary transformations sometimes do not allow you to enjoy gambling fully. But all these concerns are already in the past since there are online gambling establishments where bitcoins are used instead of the usual monetary standards. In this case, it is worth taking a look at the rating of Bitcoin casinos to choose the most suitable one.

How different can crypto casinos be?

Some things you may consider when choosing the best platform for you are the speed of payout, first bonus (some casinos grant a very pleasant sum for you to start betting and playing), availability of support team. Certain casinos even have live dealers, and that makes the process seem more usual. However, blockchain is a much more trustworthy system to base a casino on. You can’t cheat on it, and it’s as transparent as it can be. All the transactions remain in the system and cannot be deleted, so it’s easier to track every incoming or outcoming transaction. It gains more and more popularity: the online gambling market is estimated to be worth more than $55 billion in 2019, a number that will likely increase as users around the world get introduced to a new, provable fair world.

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