CUT Coin – Combining Staking Anonymity and Staking Rewards

CUT coin – Concealed Untraceable Transaction coin – is a new cryptocurrency made with all actual trends for the crypto with High Early ROI. Some investors have achieved a return on investment of up to 200%.

CUT coin is the first implementation to combine anonymity and Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. CUT coin is a true PoS coin, not a hybrid/master node solution. While its code is based on Monero, being the first team to implement an innovative consensus algorithm on top of that codebase speaks for our capabilities.

How concealed staking works with CUT coin?

To put it simply, you need just to create a wallet and start staking (Advanced > Staking). According to PoS calculator on a website, with initial 10,000 CUT coins, you’ll have a +20% reward within 31 days with almost 98% probability. So, taking into account the growth potential, staking CUT coin is an interesting alternative to existing investment options in the cryptocurrency market.

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