AST Is Unlike the Others — What’s Distinctive About It?

The cryptocurrency market is full of aspiring coins and tokens, all of whom claim to be the next Bitcoin and promise their investors millions in form of the future profits. The AST token takes a much more neutral stance in the market and focuses more on its relevance to the platform it is used on.

Let’s walk through all of the benefits of AST that help it stand out from the competition and market noise.

What is the best thing about the AST?

One of the best-defining features of the AST token is that it is able to enjoy a specific niche. Nearly every largest Altcoin available on the market today is used primarily for trading and making large payments. Due to their lack of a niche, various platforms started adopting them which was the only way to retain its value.

As most of us saw in January 2018, just having hype is not enough to maintain relevance for a coin. The AST token is the primary currency for the AssetStream platform, which is a Blockchain-based microfinancing company. Thanks to the clear connection between finance and Blockchain, the AssetStream project has more merit than all of its competitors targeting industries such as entertainment, marketing, and various others.

The AST is designed for safety

One of the most significant issues of modern altcoins is the fact that they can be mass-bought. Many don’t know that cryptocurrencies sometimes act as company shares, much like how you’d see Apple or Google selling their shares on a stock exchange. Therefore, if a large investor buys a big chunk of the coins or tokens emitted, he or she will be able to influence the price, both positively and negatively.

Morgan was a Cambridge University student in 2017 and was looking for methods to fund her college tuition. Fortunately for her, it was right when cryptocurrencies were booming.

Morgan heard about the technology on her Java class and decided to give it a try. Seeing how the price of Bitcoin was already out of her range (much like the most of us), she decided to participate in an upcoming ICO, for a coin that would “revolutionize the digital marketing industry.”

Unannounced to her, the company was tokenizing its shares, resulting in large investors buying amounts like 10% and even 20%. Due to such disproportionate ownership, some individuals quickly took control of the price, leaving Morgan and investors like her at their mercy.

Needless to say, once the investors saw that the crypto was going down in January, (even though their coin was rising), they decided to sell it immediately, leading to Morgan and everybody like her, to lose all of their investments. Yes, all of them, the coin was now worth nothing.

The founders of AssetStream saw this issue with the industry and decided that the AST token will not represent any means of owning a part of the company. The investors and token users can rest easy knowing that the fate of the token is in the hands of people that wish it the most success.

AST comes with a stablecoin

The AssetStream team decided to kick the safety up a notch by introducing a supporting token for the platform called ASD, which is a stable coin. It means that the ASD will always be worth $1. Therefore, even if the AST price takes a hit due to market volatility, users can convert to ASD within seconds and wait out the bear.

Invest with the safest way possible!

The safety of AST users is a top priority for AssetStream. Due to the fact that the token has a very specific use, it is guaranteed therefore more resources can be diverted towards transparency and security.

The AST will always have the price of $0.01 on the AssetStream platform, no matter what happens to the price on the floating market, which is just icing on an already delicious cake.

Do you prioritize safety in your investments as well? Then, AssetStream could be your best bet, you can track the ICO here, as well as the Whitepaper.

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