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Fintech and Blockchain in Montauk—a Countdown
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Fintech and Blockchain in Montauk—a Countdown

My Ledger co-authors (Jeff and Robert) and I, along with our fantastic events team, have been working night and day to ensure that all the topics, issues and controversies you care about—everything that keeps you reading this newsletter—are literally center stage at Brainstorm Finance. And we can also guarantee it’s going to be just a heck of a great time, with keynote interviews interspersed with water sports and beach parties.

Speaking of interviews, we’ve lined up the CEOs of Bank of America and Citigroup to talk the future of banking—along with the heads of their biggest startup rivals. We’ll talk strategy with brands including Venmo, eBay and Amazon, and get updates from cryptocurrency executives at Coinbase, Digital Currency Group, Circle and more.

We’ll learn the inside scoop on IPOs from the overseers of Spotify’s direct listing as well as Uber’s public market debut. And we’ll dissect the current cyberthreat environment facing those guarding Wall Street’s biggest honeypots. We also anticipate breaking some significant news on stage.

If you’d like to request an invitation, please email us with some details about who you are and why you want to come, or you can apply directly here.

But if you can’t make it to the Hamptons next week, don’t fret—we’ll be live-streaming the event on, so you can follow along in real time.

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