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How to invest in Elon Musk’s company with less than €100?
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How to invest in Elon Musk’s company with less than €100?

Private companies and investors of all scales are looking for new ways of cooperation. Now, anyone can own economic interest in the world-famous SpaceX, thanks to Ambisafe and Raison AI.

Raison AI and Ambisafe in collaboration with US Capital Global Bank launch the first large-scale sale of SpaceX shares using DLT technology. These shares cannot be purchased on the public market, however, they are available via tokenized USPX securities.

Security token USPX is a smart contract that secures the right to SpaceX shares at the pre-IPO stage. The rights are booked in an independent distributed registry where changes can be made only by smart contract owners.

10 USPX tokens have the economic value of 1 SpaceX share. Smart contracts fully reflect the growth dynamics of SpaceX – their valuation is directly proportional to the valuation of the company’s assets.

The price of one USPX is €27.5, the minimum quantity of a single purchase is three tokens. The transaction is possible with a bank card, EUR SEPA transfer, PayPal, BTC/ETH.

Access for everyone

The tool significantly facilitates the process of purchasing shares. Ambisafe provides a low entry threshold and eliminates the lock-up period making the purchase procedure available to micro-investors.

Time is money

The period of purchase of a private company’s shares is dramatically reduced. Investors no longer need to directly contact a company, wait for the next round of financing and handle the paperwork by themselves.

Safety first

The system is designed in order to fully exclude the possibility of fraud. Orderbook and Raison AI are certified providers who will keep a personalized register of investors. Additionally, USPX tokens tied to SpaceX shares can’t be purchased on the public market.

Thus, Ambisafe and Raison Ai open new horizons for low-scale investors and make financial markets accessible to everyone, regardless of the amount of funds invested and the investor’s status.

Large investors have the opportunity to purchase smart contracts through the Global Technologies Private Portfolio fund without management fees. This service is available through investment company RAISON Asset Management with a minimum check of $ 50,000.

How is the price of a USPX token determined?

Market mechanisms do not affect the price of USPX security tokens. Unicorn Equities LP is responsible for setting the price determination of which is based on the SpaceX evaluation.

Unicorn Equities LP owned by Ambisafe issues USPX smart contracts. Ambisafe will sign a contract for the share profit with the existing shareholder of SpaceX within the partnership with US Capital Global.

When will the tokens turn into shares?

Holders of USPX tokens will receive payments equal to the number of their assets multiplied by the new token price as soon as SpaceX launches IPO. The said new price will be determined by the price of a SpaceX public share.

Investors will need to go through the KYC procedure in order to purchase USPX tokens.  Citizens of the Russian Federation will have to provide an international passport. Official sales will start on June 18 but users can already apply for purchase via the Raison AI services.

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