Why is AssetStream Cautious About Building Too Fast

If you’re familiar with the business world, you might’ve heard the saying that companies should go slow to go fast. It’s a golden rule of every startup and SME in a hard-to-manage world of success.

Usually, entrepreneurs can’t wait to show their brainchild off and grow to become huge corporations in just a few months. AssetStream, on the other hand, takes time in development and product creation. Let me tell you why that is a smart way to approach successful construction.

There’s no need to speed up in product creation

AssetStream’s product is a highly-innovative platform, designed to create a friendly environment for borrowers and lenders around the world. It aims to:

  • Grow the possibilities of borrowers in emerging countries and communities.
  • Allow people to obtain financial services on the go.
  • Allow people to take a step forward in their careers and become lenders.
  • Help the population of unbanked change their status.

Their product mission serves a noble cause, and that’s why it can’t be rushed. It takes time to create perfection, but it takes even more time to create a safe environment for microfinance industry users.

Safety comes with caution

Safety is achieved only through slow and envisaged steps. There’s no need to rush a process that takes months to complete. It’s unimaginable for a regular person what it takes to build a blockchain project, hire a blockchain developer and execute the idea to complete the process. It might take months and even years to successfully land a blockchain project.

They want to have it all prepared for the users

Customer service is important. One might even say it’s the number one thing that determines the company’s success and brand. AssetStream already has fantastic community management and fast and helpful team of support staff to deliver every bit of information to valuable customers and interested investors.

  • It takes time to create and deliver information.
  • The team needs to perfect every informational source for the website visitor.
  • Developing a community is a labor-intensive job.
  • Suiting up the platform for excellent user experience needs careful and slow steps.

Working on every detail is essential

AssetStream has a complex set of features. None of the functions can be ignored while developing the platform:

  • Registration process
  • Verification process
  • Matchmaking (automatic and manual)
  • Transactions
  • Storing data, etc..

Time to achieve profitability can stretch

If you’ve ever given your idea a chance to blossom into a small company, you’d know how much time it takes to become profitable. That’s why many entrepreneurs take tiny steps before going large.

For AssetStream to become a widely known and used platform, it first needs to go slow and be adopted in local areas. That’s why in their resources you’ll often read the statement that their first target market is the ASEAN region.

Aftermath requires observation

Imagine you’re raising a child. Parents will know how important it is to invest time and money in your child (brainchild in this matter) and help them grow up carefully. But after some time, even the clingiest parents have to let them go, but observe them.

It will take time for AssetStream to perfect its services, and it’ll take more time for AssetStream founders to observe their brainchild’s success and development.

Going slow means growing successful!

Some things require time and effort to see them blossom into perfect beings. AssetStream has a noble mission that requires unity and caution to help lenders, borrowers and the unbanked population to develop. Enter the world of future microfinancing by following a reliable, successful and smart team of AssetStream.

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