The Crypto Market saw Rapid Growth, but Adaption is Imperative

Cryptocurrencies managed to grow from nothing to a market with $800 billion capitalizations in 2017, all within a span of just a decade. It is a testimony on how much value this technology can bring to humanity, but due to flaws in adaptation and misled hype, the market tumbled in 2018.

However, tech-savvy entrepreneurs and companies are planning to revive the market again with new methods of adaptation and implementation in various day-to-day industries.

The crypto market was doomed to fall

The year of 2017 was either the best or the worst year of their lives for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The market was literally booming thanks to the pace of Bitcoin’s growth in price while dragging along all the smaller altcoins.

But there was one massive issue with the market. It had nowhere near the value that it was being priced at. The only thing that drove it was the demand due to the hype and the reluctance of investors to sell. 2017 may have been one of the best years for the Blockchain, but it was one of the worst years of its adaptation in general.

Only after the wake-up call in 2018 bear market, did investors realize that an asset needs to have some kind of value to continuously keep growing, and more importantly, retain its price.

Time to build from scratch

After the bear market that began in 2018, nearly every investor lost hope to one day become rich in the blink of an eye. But thanks to the perseverance of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and the dedication of crypto enthusiasts, the Blockchain industry saw even bigger growth than in 2017.

The key difference was that the growth was not monetary, it was about adaptation.

Dozens of projects came out that targeted specific industries, this time aiming to improve the quality or solve some problems. Some of the most notable ones were:

  • BAT (For digital ads)
  • TRON (For a gaming platform)
  • REQ (Third party payments)

AssetStream is another company that encourages cryptocurrency adaptation by introducing its innovative platform for P2P lending by making the industry user-friendly, fast and accessible. AssetStream is one of the few Blockchain projects that aim to solve a problem.

How does crypto adaptation look like?

Imagine the adaptation of cryptocurrencies as a time when the engine was first invented.

Much like cryptocurrencies, the engine had multiple adaptations in planes, cars, trains, and various other industrial segments. And although horses and carriages already existed, it was still able to bring immeasurable benefit to mankind.The invention of the first engine led to transportation becoming faster, more accessible and beneficial for mankind.

Cryptocurrencies are that engine. They act as a catalyst for development in various industries all over the world. They can act as transaction accelerators, identity security guards, data storage resources and countless other benefits.

Will you take part in crypto adaptation?

Will you be the founding father of the currency of tomorrow? Do you want to say in the future that you were one of the first cryptocurrency owners? Then now is the perfect chance to do so.

The AssetStream platform is able to provide this opportunity to its users. If you’re remotely connected to the microfinance industry, then you’ll definitely find some value in AssetStream. Join the movement!

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