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Grow Your Money With Security
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Grow Your Money With Security

Investing is as easy as “buying low and selling high.” Well, until you start getting into the details of trying to start a viable business. Things have changed a lot nowadays. For instance, look at how much information there is on the internet and how fast it travels. While it might be useful to have all the facts before investing, the high amount of data has also made it very difficult to identify what’s essential or legitimate.

Moreover, when you have an established business, sometimes expanding to different borders is next to impossible. This is mainly due to incoherent laws and regulations.

And honestly speaking, between the day-to-day jobs, double shifts, and family, most people lack the time, skills, or capital to build a business from the ground up.

Thanks to online platforms in the fintech industry, everyone with some extra cash lying around can use it to make more money. But then enters security issues – how can you be sure that your money is protected online when the past is packed with data hacks and Ponzi schemes? I’m not trying to scare you, but companies lose about $400 billion each year to hackers.

So how can you grow money easily without having to worry about security issues? AssetStream is bringing you as close as it gets. This blockchain-based microfinance platform is currently the most promising way of becoming a money lender without having to sweat it. Stick with me to find out why.

What is AssetStream?

It is a peer-to-peer microfinance platform that aims to enable growth and reduce poverty among the unbanked. AssetStream users can be lenders or borrowers, and because of the decentralized nature, both parties walk out happy.

The unbanked population around the world is vast and ripe for investing. For instance, in China alone, there are 731 million internet users and 200 million rural adults outside the formal financial system. In addition, according to a report by the World Bank, 100 million Pakistanis are still unbanked. Not to forget Africa where the population is increasingly becoming internet savvy through mobile phones while remaining either unbanked or underbanked.

Imagine if you could trade in some of these countries, lending to private or enterprise borrowers and having a sure way of getting an ROI. That is what AssetStream is offering.

Why it is Safe to Trade on AssetStream

Being a distributed ledger and all, rest assured that data hacks like the case of Mt. Gox is close to impossible.

AssetStream has also put in place a very comprehensive credit system to ensure that you are protected as a money lender – you only get to lend to people who are qualified and have the highest probability of paying back with interest.

What’s more, AssetStream has a detailed debt collection process that makes use of the local debt collectors in a country. This ensures that defaulters are easily caught up with.

Join in on the AssetStream wave

A decentralized microfinance platform is an answer to satisfying both lenders and borrowers in microfinance, and there is a pure investment opportunity in AssetStream Tokens. What do you think? Read more on how you can grow your money securely on AssetStream here.

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