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Budget Samsung Galaxy Phones Champion ‘Blockchain Wallet’ in Major Crypto Adoption Boost
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Budget Samsung Galaxy Phones Champion ‘Blockchain Wallet’ in Major Crypto Adoption Boost

ClickAcademy Asia is launching the Certified Blockchain Professional Programme (C|BP) in Singapore, developed by the Institute of iBusiness Council (IIB Council). The IIB Council is a division of International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as EC-Council, one of the world’s largest cyber security technical certification bodies.

The course has course fee funding of up to 90% from the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), to support the Singaporeans and Permanent Residents in the ICT workforce in keeping pace with technology shifts, through the continuous and proactive training of technical skills sets, in order to remain relevant and productive.

The C|BP Programme aims to bring practitioners up to speed with the industry requirements while forming the global standards in the Blockchain Professional Skillset Industry, one of the fastest growing disciplines. The C|BP course consists of three knowledge and competency areas in Blockchain Technology: Development, Implementation and Strategy. The course can be attended by developers, coders and programmers for a full 5 days training that will grant them access to CBP exams and the chance to obtain the global certification.

In addition to having developed the certification program with industry experts, the programme is developed in line with the prestigious ANSI standards.

The first intake is due to start on 27th May 2019.

Participants get to go through lab assignments and a capstone project, developing the ability to build powerful and highly secure, decentralized applications using Ethereum and Solidity as well as create smart contracts, facilitate trusted in-app transactions and monitor blockchain projects.

ClickAcademy Asia’s Managing Director, Jefrey Gomez said, “We are thrilled to launch the Certified Blockchain Professional programme in Singapore. Singapore has a conducive landscape for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to flourish due to its superb communications network, its global reputation as a financial hub, non-interference by regulators, and growing interest in FinTech. However, there is a dearth of proper education on how blockchain works or its potential applications, not just in finance, but in areas like supply chain, government, medicine and education. The Certified Blockchain Professional programme aims to fill the knowledge and the skills gaps in the blockchain industry.”

IIB Council CEO, Jay Bavisi, said, “The IIB Council was created to train and certify business professionals on knowledge, technical and digital skills that are highly demanded in the job market. ClickAcademy Asia shares the same purpose and has helped thousands of professional talents upgrade their skills for many years. We trust that they will work well with industry partners to ensure that professionals in blockchain have the right frameworks, knowledge and skills to build sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructures for their organisations.”

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