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Billionaire Bitcoin Investor Mark Cuban Teases 2020 Trump Challenge
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Billionaire Bitcoin Investor Mark Cuban Teases 2020 Trump Challenge

Donald Trump might not be the only billionaire in the 2020 presidential race. Americans could have an alternative to both Trump and whoever wins the wide Democratic field in the form of billionaire Mark Cuban – owner of the Dallas Mavericks, prolific entrepreneur, and cautious Bitcoin optimist.

Mark Cuban Waiting for a ‘Perfect Storm’ to Spark Presidential Aspirations

Cuban told CNBC “we’ll see” when asked if he would run for president as an independent in 2020. He said it would take a “perfect storm.” Donald Trump has one of the lowest approval ratings of any president, and the upcoming election is the Democrats’ to win.

A pro-business candidate without all the dramatic baggage might offer a refreshing alternative. Lacking allegiance to either political party could ultimately lead to a realistic “draining of the swamp.”

Cuban has repeatedly been critical of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies generally, although he’s flip-flopped on the subject and reportedly owns a small amount of Bitcoin. Despite this, he’s invested in multiple blockchain companies, including Dust and Unikrn.

President Trump’s Bitcoin Game Is Weak

Donald Trump’s presidency has done little for the regulatory environment of cryptocurrency, as the president focuses on meat-and-potatoes domestic and foreign policy issues.

The Trump administration’s regulators have yet to approve a Bitcoin ETF, and the president has never spoken of cryptocurrency in public statements. He did make history when he signed the first executive order mentioning cryptocurrency, but that action wasn’t exactly crypto-friendly.

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