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Why Education Needs Disruption and English Forward’s Vision
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Why Education Needs Disruption and English Forward’s Vision

Access to schools is the first step toward increasing the right to an education for all children on a global level. Taking steps to resolve the hindering factors driving the lack of access to education will be crucial in overcoming education’s inaccessibility to so many young minds. Yet, at some point, students in underdeveloped countries fail to get to the next level where they can be effective as game changers.  

Mitch Rankin, English Forward Co-Founder, and CEO, explains the turning point:

“Student loans show how the current system favors the privileged segment of humanity and leaves out the majority of people that are unable to participate in higher education due to lack of resources (finances) or not being “creditworthy” for loans. And this constitutes a large portion of the world. I believe this can be addressed in this age of smart devices, globalization, and blockchain.”

Do you believe that the educational system needs reforms?

The Internet was obviously a great disruptive force for education, and that was a huge challenge for educators to adapt to. Well, the disruptive technology known is now on the horizon, and that will obviously impact both the educational process and the administrative processes that make any educational system work.

When you say blockchain, most people automatically think crypto but it is worth noting that blockchain can be used in other areas other than the decentralized nature it provides to cryptocurrencies. Currently, universities around the world have begun implementing blockchain technologies to monitor and keep the accounts for transcripts and qualifications for students and educators.

Blockchain success in education isn’t just about financial gains, it’s about something much more important and long-lasting. Blockchain and crypto provide enhancement by spreading some of the prosperity around in a “earn as you learn” process as proposed by English Forward.

Since acquiring website in February 2018 Mitch Rankin had wanted to retain the foundation but build upon it — to allow the platform and community to advance Forward. English Forward is a leader in the adoption and hence a natural fit was found with blockchain.

Mitch said confidently, “While blockchain isn’t relevant for many industries or businesses, it is a perfect hand-in-glove solution to each of our goals.”

If you’ve watched the Equalizer movie series, you could imagine Mitch in the likeness of a protagonist, helping equalize the chances of getting educated against the mounting costs of a college education, the privilege of the wealthy.

Have you taken note of the current educational system pre-English Forward? Would you like to be part of the solution? Join here.

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