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Marconi and Cryptic Labs Enter Into Strategic Blockchain Partnership
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Marconi and Cryptic Labs Enter Into Strategic Blockchain Partnership

Marconi, creators of the first networking and blockchain protocol using programmable packets, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Cryptic Labs, a top blockchain advisory and research company. The Marconi Protocol uses a unique programmable packet design to build decentralized networking and security apps that can replace what is typically done by expensive hardware equipment. As part of the partnership, preeminent cryptographer and co-inventor of public key encryption, Dr. Whitfield Diffie, Cryptic’s Chief Scientist will add his presence to the Marconi technical advisory board.

The team at Marconi has developed a platform that protects online activity and privacy which is becoming more essential every day.  The Marconi Protocol enables anyone to quickly and easily spin up their secure gateway which essentially acts like a VPN,” said Stewart Raphael, Cryptic Labs’ Chief Technologist. “Peers can now establish secure connections between all nodes in a network so traffic is securely transported.”

“We are excited to be working with Cryptic Labs and to have Dr. Diffie, legend and pioneer in public key cryptography, join the Marconi advisory board. As the co-inventor of one of the fundamental security technologies that powers the entire blockchain ecosystem, his experience and expertise will be invaluable and we are honored to have him on our board,” says Jong Kim, Chief Architect for Marconi.

About Cryptic Labs
Cryptic Labs is an innovative commercial research lab primarily focused on solving fundamental problems in security and economics to advance the viability and growth of Blockchains. They function as a unique research advisory with expertise in security, privacy and economics, education, offering collaboration on research, talent acquisition and mentorship for companies.

About Marconi
Marconi Protocol provides an easy way to build and secure distributed networks and networking applications across regions and environments, whether nodes are running on hardware in a data center, virtual machines or containers. The testnet has been up and available since

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