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HUPAYX, All-in-one Cryptocurrency Payment Ecosystem, Participates in ‘Blockchain Life 2019’ Singapore
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HUPAYX, All-in-one Cryptocurrency Payment Ecosystem, Participates in ‘Blockchain Life 2019’ Singapore

On April 23rd through 24th, Human-centric crypto payment platform HUPAYX participated in ‘Blockchain Life 2019’ held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

At this conference, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Human Plus also attended, emphasizing HUPAYX’s competitiveness as well as explaining its milestones.

During the event, more than 70 speakers from various countries including Roger Ver, CEO of, Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs and Edward Chen, a Senior director of Huobi Exchange shared their insights and ideas regarding blockchain technology and its industry. More than 3,000 attendees from a variety of backgrounds such as investment funds, crypto industry leaders, and blockchain developers also joined a discussion for topics both on stage and in informal meetings.

Aibek Amandanov, Head of Global Marketing at Human Plus also gave a pitch on how HUPAYX will change the traditional payment infrastructure. He stated that: “Countries where credit card payments are not mainstream and where cash-based payment system consists the majority of the transactions will be primary target markets for HUPAYX expansion.” By emphasizing characteristics of HUPAYX, all-in-one cryptocurrency payment ecosystem, HUPAYX has received considerable interests from the attendees and scored the 2nd place in pitch battle out of 12 prominent projects.

HUPAYX aims to add services that people can experience anytime, anywhere in the World. ‘Faster’, ‘Cheaper’, and ‘Alliance Group’ are what differentiates HUPAYX from similar payment platforms. As there are more alliance groups, there are more places to spend their crypto. In addition, due to its H-exchange system, users can also get a refund within three days. Moreover, HUPAYX minimizes fluctuations of cryptocurrencies since all transactions are backed by stablecoin.

HUPAYX has achieved tremendous success in the global market. Earlier in April, Human Plus team participated in its first conference, Future Blockchain Summit 2019, held in Dubai. Consequently, the company is currently in the process of forming partnerships with Dubai local banks as well as leading blockchain firms in the global market.

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