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British Drug Dealers Thrown in Jail for 30 Years Trusted Anonymous, Untraceable Bitcoin
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British Drug Dealers Thrown in Jail for 30 Years Trusted Anonymous, Untraceable Bitcoin

A recent report from news and media platform The Examiner Live has confirmed that four members of an organized crime ring that dealt in crystal meth in Yorkshire have been slapped with a 31-year jail term.

Crystal meth is one of the most addictive drugs in the world, and according to the source, the gang’s leader- whose name was given a Hassan Jalilian- imported the substance through children’s toys from Canada.


The gang was reported to have sold over 1 kilo of various drugs- including ecstasy, MDMA, cocaine, and crystal meth- worth tens of thousands of dollars over four months back in 2017. According to prosecutor Patrick Palmer, Jalilian purchased the drugs through his contacts on the Dark Web, imported them, and sent out anonymous text messages to his potential clients informing them of the drugs’ availability. From there, the drugs were moved by his henchmen and all payments were made through Bitcoin (BTC), as the organization preferred to use the cryptocurrency’s anonymous and untraceable nature to keep its operations devoid of a paper trail.

Ongoing plans for expansion

In a raid of their base of operations, police found £45,037 ($58,287) in cash, illegal drugsworth an estimated value of £61,000 ($78,940), as well as CS spray and two hunting knives. Police also searched Jalilian’s mobile phone and found a photo of him posing with a bottle of what he called “napalm” and pictures of guns and ammunition.

Jalilian was reported to have run the operation from the flat of his then-girlfriend Cheryl Scott. Then, he went on to recruit Michael Bendo and Gohar Manzoor, both of whom were already addicts at the time, to help with moving drugs for sale.

Bitcoin critics often attack its perceived role in global money laundering operations and the drug trade. It’s a fraction compared to the use of cash.

The report claimed that he had turned a building into his factory, and he was in the process of converting the building into a gym to serve as a front for his business. The sentencing included 11-and-a-half years behind bars for Jalilian and a seven-and-a-half-year disqualification from driving. Scott, whose house was used as their base, received a 5-year sentence. Bendo and Manzoor got 8 years and 88 months respectively. In addition to the main culprits, Manzoor’s wife Razna Begun was hit with a year-long community order sentence, as well as a 10-day rehabilitation order.

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