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Five of the best Litecoin wallets on the market
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Five of the best Litecoin wallets on the market

Litecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available today. The altcoin offers cheaper transactions than Bitcoin, so can be used for everyday purposes. A Litecoin wallet is an absolute must for anyone looking to buy, sell, store, and transact with the currency.

Here, we take a look at five different Litecoin wallets that you could use. There is plenty of choice on the market, so be sure to do your own research. The wallets listed here are some of the most popular Litecoin wallets on the market, and we break down the benefits and features of each.

Litecoin Core

Litecoin Core, formerly known as Litecoin-QT, is the official wallet for Litecoin. You will need to download this wallet to your desktop to use it. This official node client supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

The wallet’s high level of encryption is a huge bonus, as it helps you to keep your private and public keys safe. Its advanced security features mean that your funds will be better protected from the threat of cybercriminals.

Litecoin Core allows users to store, send, and receive Litecoin. It also allows for cheaper transactions that are all recorded, allowing you to keep track of your spending.

Ledger Nano S

If a desktop wallet isn’t for you because of concerns about cybercrime, then you might want to consider a hardware wallet. The Ledger Nano S is most useful for those who need to hold large quantities of Litecoin. It gives you control of your private keys in an offline environment.

Unlike online wallets or desktop wallets that can be hacked, a hardware wallet offers higher levels of security. However, you should still be aware of physical theft and any damage that occurs to the wallet. The Ledger Nano S is a USB stick, so you need to keep it in a safe place.

If you do lose your wallet, Ledger offers a confidential recovery phrase which easily restores your accounts to any Ledger device.


The Trezor hardware wallet is similar to the Ledger Nano S. It’s a safe, offline place to store your coins. It also offers multi-currency options, so you can expand your portfolio beyond just Litecoin. Well known for its high standard of customer support, the Trezor team will help you to keep your digital assets secure.

The Trezor wallet offers a wide variety of security features to keep your Litecoin protected. You can only access your keys with the use of a pin, the device only runs firmware that is signed by SatoshiLabs, and it also offers reliable backup and recovery options.


If you’re not interested in hardware Litecoin wallets, don’t worry. Jaxx offers a digital asset wallet where you can easily manage your Litecoin. Available on various devices from desktops to phones, Jaxx makes it easy for you to access your Litecoin on the go.

It allows you to check your balance, track your coins, and see how the value of your Litecoin changes across the day. Jaxx puts you completely in control of your assets – it doesn’t collect personal information and doesn’t have access to your backup phrase.

In addition to being a great Litecoin wallet, Jaxx also keeps you up to date with the latest blockchain news. With a dedicated news module available, you can access the most trusted sources to see what’s going on in the world of crypto and blockchain.

Atomic Wallet

If you’re after a transparent and reliable wallet that minimises the effort that goes into managing your Litecoin funds, Atomic Wallet could be the right option for you. This custody-free solution gives you high levels of security and means you’re the only person who has control over your funds. This is a common feature of decentralisation.

You can also buy Litecoin through the wallet itself. This can be done with your bank card as Atomic Wallet accepts USD, EUR, and many different local currencies worldwide. Accessing Litecoin has never been so easy!


Whether you would prefer a desktop, hardware, or digital Litecoin wallet, you’ll certainly find something on the market. Using a cryptocurrency wallet is essential to keep your crypto safe and to easily manage your transactions. To find out more about cryptocurrency wallets, download this definitive guide.

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