Thursday, May 2019
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Leading EOS Community joins Ontology as a new node
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Leading EOS Community joins Ontology as a new node

Today, Lichang, incubated by the world-leading EOS community EOS Gravity, announced that it is joining the Ontology ecosystem as one of its nodes.

Lichang is a public blockchain and UGC (user-generated contribution) community platform. Lichang currently has over 200,000 fans and 50,000 registered users.

Lichang’s mission is to empower public blockchains through forming a community of public blockchain KOLs, users, and dApps. Lichang currently has several partners including Gravity Blockchain, EOS Gravity, Huobi Eco, Waterdrip Capital, INBlockchain, and more.

Lichang’s addition to Ontology brings a huge userbase and extended promotion of Ontology’s public blockchain infrastructure.

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