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It’s time to start keeping a cryptocurrency calendar
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It’s time to start keeping a cryptocurrency calendar

A cryptocurrency calendar is a vital tool that allows users to stay on top of multiple events. The cryptocurrency industry moves quickly, so it’s useful to have an organised agenda to track major shifts.

Emerging technologies such as cryptocurrency are dynamic, with significant changes happening all the time. Conferences, coin burns, ICOs, STOs, IEOs, start-ups pushing the limits of blockchain technology – such events can influence your investment strategy. They can also have unpredictable consequences on your crypto assets in the short and long term.

For investors, traders, miners, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who don’t want to miss a thing, a cryptocurrency calendar can help. You can plan everything from trades to networking at global events in the industry in advance.

Tracking conferences and conventions

From global conferences to local seminars and meetups, industry influencers organise cryptocurrency events almost every week. So how do you know which one to attend if you don’t even know they’re happening?

If you want to benefit from the most relevant social occasions, a cryptocurrency calendar will help you keep track of them.

This will also allow you to plan your budget and your availability so that you can participate in the right events. A cryptocurrency calendar helps you select the information that is relevant to you and your goals from a multitude of options available.

Keeping up with trends in the crypto ecosystem

Searching for updated cryptocurrency information can be time-consuming and often inefficient. That’s because the crypto world is constantly evolving. What was a hot topic yesterday will be an old story by this time next week.

And just consider this: if you find out about scams and fraud too late, you may place your capital at risk. So you should always keep up to date with the latest headlines.

The ideal situation for investors and traders is to be ahead of the news and anticipate major events (even though that may seem impossible). A cryptocurrency calendar can help you to plan buy and sell orders according to upcoming events.

Nothing is certain in the world of cryptocurrency. However, a calendar can be a sort of safety net that allows you to make more educated decisions – not only about where to keep your funds, but how to protect them as well.

All the information in one place

News about cryptocurrency can come from multiple sources. How many times has the most unexpected announcement come from Twitter or Telegram, for example?

It’s humanly impossible for a single person to keep an eye on everything that’s happening in this ecosystem!

When you keep a cryptocurrency calendar, you’re more likely to see these essential events coming. Such a tool can also show how the market moves over time and even predict future trends based on multiple variables.

Think about new coins being listed on Binance for example, or a large number of investors choosing one start-up over another.

A cryptocurrency calendar records everything in one place: product releases, updates, exchange listings, conferences, upcoming hard forks, STOs, IEOs, and all other events that may have the potential to move the market.

All these details are too hard to remember without a handy tool. But when you have this knowledge at your fingertips, you can become a successful trader.

Of course, a cryptocurrency calendar doesn’t reduce the risks that come with investing. It doesn’t act as a shield against scams and fraud either. But it can help you make better decisions based on data and facts.

You’ll get the extra help needed to become more cautious about investments – like a second pair of eyes looking over numbers and insights. A cryptocurrency calendar can prove itself invaluable when used wisely.

How to choose a cryptocurrency calendar

Fortunately, there are plenty of cryptocurrency calendars available online for traders and investors who want to stay updated. One of the most popular is CoinMarketCal. You can also use tools like Coinscalendar or Coindar, depending on your goals and preferences.

Most of them are free – put together and updated for the only purpose of supporting the cryptocurrency ecosystem and to help traders and enthusiasts make better decisions.

You’re probably already using trading tools and trackers to check prices. Now you need to add a cryptocurrency calendar to your arsenal to really step up your game.

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