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Five cryptocurrency articles our readers love
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Five cryptocurrency articles our readers love

At Coin Rivet, we believe in making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. We want to encourage more people to adopt cryptocurrency, understand how it works, and benefit from it. That’s why we deliver cryptocurrency articles that are easy to understand.

So which articles have our readers loved the most so far in 2019? See below for a summary of our top five cryptocurrency articles – covering everything from Nano cryptocurrency, privacy coins, and trading tools.

What is Nano? An introduction to the zero-fee cryptocurrency

The Nano cryptocurrency is known for experiencing one of the biggest pumps and dumps in the bull run of 2017. So why has this super-fast, zero-fee cryptocurrency suddenly grown in popularity? In this cryptocurrency article, we provide an overview of its creation, how it works, and key events surrounding a hack.

We also look at Nano’s price history, overall criticisms, and speculation surrounding the cryptocurrency.

Coin Rivet’s definitive guide to Bitcoin

Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or have been trading Bitcoin for years, our guide can teach you a few tricks you might not know. Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, is still the most popular by market capitalisation. It led to the growth of an entire market, with more coins emerging to resolve some of its shortcomings.

Download this definitive guide to discover how to mine, store, and transact Bitcoin. Discover which cryptocurrency exchanges are available to Bitcoin users and what the future could hold as the market seems to be on an upward trend again.

What is OTC cryptocurrency trading?

Over the-counter-trading is one of that’s often misunderstood throughout the industry. Some exchanges have dedicated over-the-counter trading desks, but many institutional investors find it easier to deal directly with sellers.

Institutional investors tend to choose the OTC market instead of exchanges. In this guide, we take a look at why that is. Largely, this is to do with available discounts and simple procedures that are available to investors. We take an in-depth look at the benefits of OTC trading and why it’s becoming so attractive. 

Top five tools to master cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency trading is not for the faint-hearted. The market is volatile and the bear market is only just warming up. This volatility often deters beginners from getting involved with trading. With the right mindset, information and tools, however, cryptocurrency trading could prove profitable for you.

In this guide, we take a look at some essential trading tools you should use. These include:

  • Tradeflow: a market order aggregator
  • Datamish: a tool that uses Bitfinex and BitMEX’s API to present data on the long vs short ratio and liquidations
  • Bitcoinity: a tool that displays combined cryptocurrency order books
  • Tensor Charts: a free, advanced charting tool that allows users to visualise cryptocurrencies use orderbook heatmaps
  • Cryptowatch: a few charting resource that allows users to track charts from every major exchange.

To read an in-depth overview of each of these tools, access our guide.

What is Hedera Hashgraph?

Traditional blockchain technology has, so far, failed to reach mainstream adoption. There have been many limitations identified with the technology, including a lack of scalability. To resolve these shortcomings, rival companies have been creating their own platforms that could rival blockchain technology.

The Hedera Hashgraph platform is a main example of the alternatives on offer. It’s a new form of distributed consensus, removing the need for a middleman top complete transactions. The platform is lightning fast, fair and secure. Rather than using proof-of-work consensus, the Hedera Hashgraph platform uses asynchronous Byzatine fault tolerance.

This, combined with the gossip protocol that’s used, makes the platform an incredibly attractive alternative to traditional blockchain technology. To find out more, read the article in full.

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