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INSTAR Blockchain Top Ten on Block’tivity
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INSTAR Blockchain Top Ten on Block’tivity

Insights Network’s INSTAR Blockchain is now live and ranked in the Top 10 for daily global blockchain operations on Block’tivity!

We’re extremely proud to share that Insights Network’s INSTAR Blockchain is listed in the top ten on Block’tivity for daily blockchain operations globally. Block’tivity is the number one authority for tracking daily blockchain operations and this is a huge milestone for Insights Network. We’d like to send a special thanks to the team at Block’tivityfor integrating the INSTAR Blockchain tracker API into their systems.

Achieving the top ten in daily blockchain operations globally is truly a huge accomplishment for Insights Network. It’s an extremely exciting time for the project as we have achieved more daily operations than many of the projects we have looked up to, including extremely established cryptocurrencies with billions of dollars in market cap value: $LSK $ZEC $XMR $SRC $VET $DASH $DOGE $LTC $ETC $BCH $TFD $KMD $WAVES $TLOS $NANO

The majority of the daily transactions are coming from, the first application built by Insights Network. Over 250,000 users have already signed up to become KYC approved members on the Insights Network data exchange, making INSTAR Wallet one of the largest blockchain applications by number of users in the world.

In the next week, we will be making an official press release detailing some never before revealed plans that are launching imminently. We’re extremely excited to share our upcoming plans with the INSTAR Community.

Thanks for reading and your constant support of our journey!

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