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Blow To Bitcoin Rival As Binance CEO Issues A Stark Warning
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Blow To Bitcoin Rival As Binance CEO Issues A Stark Warning

Binance’s CZ became embroiled in the Wright row after Twitter user and popular bitcoin and crypto commentator @Hodlonaut popularised the hashtag #CraigWrightIsAFraud, causing Wright and his bitcoin SV partner Calvin Ayre to try to discover @Hodlonaut’s real identity with the presumed intent of silencing him through legal means.

“Craig Wright is not Satoshi,” CZ tweeted. “Anymore of this sh!t, we de-list [bitcoin SV]!,” he wrote in response to a Bitcoin Magazine tweet claiming the attack on @Hodlonaut is an attack on all bitcoin and cryptocurrency users and fans.

The bitcoin SV price, which has been on a downward trend since it split from bitcoin cash six months ago, has failed to rally along with the wider market over the last two weeks.

While the bitcoin price has gained some 25% since April 1, bitcoin SV has gained just 9%. Some smaller bitcoin alternatives have risen by almost 200% over the same period, as a rising tide of cryptocurrency sentiment lifts most boats in the harbor.

Bitcoin SV is down by almost half its value, dropping from over $110 to just $70, since late November when it broke away from bitcoin cash. Being de-listed from a major exchange like Binance would be a heavy blow to bitcoin SV, likely causing it to suffer further price falls as investors and traders switched to better-supported varients.

Binance’s CZ has repeated called on Wright to prove he’s the creator of bitcoin or stop claiming to be.TWITTER / @CZ_BINANCE

Last night, Binance’s CZ doubled down on his threat to Wright and bitcoin SV, calling on him to “digitally sign” a message using the private key from the original bitcoins mined by Satoshi Nakamoto to prove he has access to them, as the real Satoshi would.

“Craig Wright is fraud,” CZ added.

Wright’s attack on @hodlonaut has prompted many Twitter users to adopt their name and the image created by @CryptoScamHub to honor them.

Meanwhile, @Hodlonaut has since deleted their Twitter account though a crowdfunding effort to raise funds to cover any of @Hodlonaut’s potential legal fees has already surpassed its goal, attracting almost $30,000 at the time of writing.

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