Blockchain Writes the New History of Gaming and It Starts Right Now

Entertainment occupies a rather important place in our lives and, as an obvious consequence, is a serious factor behind technological progress. Computer games are a main form of entertainment today, and every year this trend continues to strengthen.

Technological startups and representatives of medium-sized businesses were the first to become interested in blockchain technology. However, in recent years, the field has noticeably expanded. Support for digital wallets, payments and cryptocurrency exchanges has become a popular service, and the gaming industry has not stood idly by and started using the blockchain.

Blockchain technologies were designed to solve complex socioeconomic problems and are potentially the basis for a new global financial system. They have also not been overlooked by game developers and players.

The use of blockchain in the gaming industry deserves serious consideration. It provides the ability to use cryptocurrencies, which could be unified across all games and platforms, and to provide a wide field of opportunities to work with wallets and smart contracts.

In addition, the demand for blockchain-games creates the need for blockchain-developers and sets them on interesting tasks. In gaming applications, the imagination of the developer is the only real limitation.

Among the main advantages of games using blockchain technology as a foundation, you can expect the following:

Users do not just play the game but earn assets sold through project tokens. Giving value to in-game assets encourages players to invest more money in the games they enjoy. They do not risk losing the purchased item. Since all payments and transfers are recorded on the blockchain, users are insured against transaction withdrawals, duplicate payments and fraud in the transfer of items.

Blockchain can also provide a cross-platform system that allows you to evaluate, buy and sell game artifacts from different game universes.

Benefits from the introduction of games will be felt by both large companies and small ones alike. Support for small companies will make the industry more diverse. Gamers will only be allowed to support projects in which they themselves want to play. The main goal of the blockchain will be to get rid of oligopoly. The core principles of the blockchain are the emergence of new opportunities for investors and developers, the decentralization of the economy, and the equalization of everyone’s opportunities through the blockchain.

So far, the gaming industry on blockchain is only taking its first steps. The developers are preparing the ground with platforms that will allow talented teams to realize their ideas. When this happens, a new era of transparency may begin in the gaming industry. Developers will no longer own players’ savings. Nothing that happens in the game will be hidden from your eyes because the entries in the blockchain are open to everyone. Cold technology can unleash a warm feeling that is rare for the gaming world — trust between players and developers. It certainly will benefit all who consider themselves part of the gaming industry.


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