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The Blockchain Gaming Platform By HashCash Plans To Enter The Thriving Ireland Video Games Space in 2019
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The Blockchain Gaming Platform By HashCash Plans To Enter The Thriving Ireland Video Games Space in 2019

The upcoming Irish Conference on Game-Based Learning has paved a path for collaborations between HashCash and Ireland-based games developers.

The Green Isle is drawing in digital enterprises at an unmatched rate, and the exponential growth of its video games sector is exceptionally noticeable. With the 9th Irish Conference on Game-Based Learning coming up in June this year, Irish online games companies are on a quest to incorporate new tech into their products and blockchain has is one that they are betting big on. California-based blockchain company, HashCash Consultants, is taking this opportunity to collaborate with innovative games developers to give their creations an edge above the rest.

Blockchain Services For Online Games By HashCash:

HashCash Consultants is one of the most trusted producers of white label blockchain networks which are designed in line with HC NET. Games companies can implement the time-tested blockchain platform with a high transactional throughput that matches and exceeds existing gaming throughput on the client’s platform. The blockchain company creates native digital assets and integrates blockchain platforms to existing gaming platforms through available APIs. The native digital asset created can be used as a gaming token or play chip across multiple gaming platforms.

HashCash sets up a decentralized gaming ecosystem – This includes setting up blockchain network nodes and a blockchain core compatible with other leading blockchain networks. Such a core would support other coins and ERC tokens.

The software development company sets up a blockchain wallet, a compliance server for managing KYC details, and an API layer for blockchain network to integrate with the gaming platform. It creates a network performance dashboard for monitoring the performance of the blockchain nodes and a blockchain IO for monitoring the transactions ledger.

Since security is critical to blockchain, HashCash assists in setting up security configurations such as IAM, ports routing, IP Tracking, DDoS and Malware protection, Wallet Security using AES 256 and Md5 encryption standard and SSL Configuration.

Additionally, HashCash is known for its ICO services as well. The native tokens created for online games are stored in blockchain wallets integrated with web-wallets for distribution via referrals and promotional programs. These coins are listed on leading and affiliate exchanges set up by HashCash and paired with base currency like Fiat (USD) or Crypto (BTC/ETH/Crypto of choice) to trade.

The exchanges produced by HashCash are some of the most sought after in the crypto space. It includes features such as Market, Limit, Stop Orders, Margin for placing orders and increasing the volume of trade. A dedicated Admin Console (with multiple access control levels) simplifies managing gamers, developers and other stakeholders.

The Present Online Games Scene in Ireland:

Ireland’s recovery in the past decade was the quickest among European countries hit by the financial collapse which had spread from the United States. A significant part of this success in the country that was particularly affected by the crisis can be attributed to its digital economy. Ireland is now regarded as a notable hub for tech companies that have a strong online presence, be it the homegrown variety or international ones.

This brings in focus the Irish games sector which has gained immense prominence in the recent years, its value jumping from €206m in 2014 to over €243m in 2016. This growth trend has not ceased with more and more games companies willing to put their money into collaborations with blockchain experts to accelerate the evolution of the industry.

“Although blockchain is still in a nascent stage, its main allure lies in the transparency, security, immutability and efficiency it brings to the table,” says Raj Chowdhury, MD of HashCash Consultants. He added, “Distributed Ledger Technology does not have an Achilles’ heel in the form of a single point-of-failure. It is therefore not subject to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Additionally, blockchain is peer-to-peer, relieving developers of the stress of expensive bandwidth or server costs.”

The upcoming conference on video games to be hosted in Cork has the community of over 200 developers in the country excited. This is the prime time to look out for new game-based skills and approaches, and video games brands to unveil their new ideas and projects.

About HashCash Consultants:

HashCash Consultants started as a Blockchain Consulting Company in California. Today, HashCash products enable enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time using HashCash Blockchain network, HC NET. Financial Institutions use HC NET for Retail Remittances, Corporate Payments, Trade Finance, and Payment Processing. HashCash also runs the US-based cryptocurrency exchange, PayBito and the leading Cryptocurrency payment processor, BillBitcoins.

HashCash offers cryptocurrency exchange and payment processor white label solutions, comprehensive ICO services and customized use case design and development. HashCash propels advancement in the field of blockchain through the Blockchain1o1 program and its investment arm Satoshi Angels.

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