5 Advantages of Zetanet

Zetanet is described as a new internet protocols to be released and demonstrate in year 2020 for the application of the next Internet 2.0.In the near future, Zetanet will dominate the digital world that you may not even need Google and Yahoo anymore. Here are the different advantages of Zetanet that will blow your mind:

1. Zetanet holds and manages data securely that it is also controlled through the application provided. It will be the most secured protocol for the birth of new internet technology with application beyond internet of things.

2. It has speed and transmission beyond zettabyte. Imagine if you want to send files right away, you do not have to worry about it since it has a maximum speed of transferring files.

3. An AI called Feistel Core Network helps Zetanet identify which part of a region or country the data is often used then creates a copy of the data on a node closest to that region for easier retrieval of each data request.

4. Each data on the Zetanet is hashed for its security before it is saved to any node on the network. This makes it impossible for any data to be corrupted, altered or maliciously used by anyone without the permission of the data owner. This makes Zetanet one of the most innovative new internet protocol on a network layer level.

5. Zetanet removes the necessity for a domain name resolver (dns) reducing latency of data requests while increasing the security and integrity of the data because of hashed-based naming system.

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