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“The superior product always wins” Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor
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“The superior product always wins” Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor doesn’t immediately come across as a cryptocurrency bigwig. When we meet, he’s wearing a sharply tailored suit that screams Wall Street, while also radiating a grounded, no-nonsense, slightly dweeby air that couldn’t be further from the sector’s dominant piratical edge. He doesn’t seem like he’d have much interest in your average ICO-funded boat party.

That’s probably exactly why he’s managed, in a shifting series of leadership roles, to keep Dash a top-20 cryptocurrency for more than four years—eons in crypto time. His current role is as CEO of Dash Core Group (DCG), a for-profit company that is funded by the Dash network and makes major contributions to it, but ultimately answers to the network’s maintainers. We discussed the sophisticated governance and technical innovations that now make Dash seem increasingly ahead of its time—and in the end, he showed he’s ready to be just as bold as anyone in crypto.

Our conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

How did you get involved with Dash?
Initially, just as a general community member with ideas. Then I ended up moving to Phoenix for personal reasons [around 2014], and the founder of Dash, Evan Duffield, was in Phoenix. So I reached out to him, and I started getting more involved. I put together presentation decks for him about

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