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WeBuy: On-Demand Advertising Introduced Through A Revolutionary Token Sale Approach
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WeBuy: On-Demand Advertising Introduced Through A Revolutionary Token Sale Approach

Identifying the challenges crippling the advertising industry, WeBuy introduces a disruptive solution which puts the buyer in the middle while eliminating the unnecessary middleman at the same time. The project also pioneers a new concept for blockchain-based projects by replacing inefficient ICOs with Production-Oriented Token Sales (POTS).

Current Issues with Online Advertising

While being omnipresent, online ads are continuously facing a barrage of challenges which make them far less effective. Current ad networks oftentimes deliver non-targeted ads to more than passive audiences who are also fairly defensive against such market tactics.

In the process, potential buyers oftentimes get overlooked while businesses keep expanding their budgets without getting any notable and worthy results.

An Elegant Solution

WeBuy presents the very first on-demand advertising platform which will enable the buyers to choose how, when, and why they can be reached by any potential seller.

Instead of swamping the buyer with less than targeted ads, WeBuy allows the latter to opt-in to be reached. In other words, the buyer will only be able to see ads when he wants to. Furthermore, he will only be able to see the ads which he is interested in seeing.

By leveraging geolocation tools, WeBuy will enable the sellers to be in full control of their ad budgets. This also guarantees that they will be able to target the right market.

Buyers and Sellers Put At the Forefront

WeBuy puts both the buyer and the seller at the forefront, completely eliminating the need for any third parties.

In order to encourage sellers to join the network, each seller will receive a welcome grant of $500 from WeBuy. It will be in the form of advertisement credits. The income will be generated from the seller and it will be based on the fees which are paid for ads to reach the potential buyers. However, sellers will also receive the opportunity to only target localized buyers who have already expressed interest in their products or services.

Buyers, on the other hand, will be incentivized to get contacted from sellers without having to place any buying commitment. They will receive a substantial portion of the fees received for agreeing to see an ad as well. Their rewards will be in the form of WBY tokens.

Production-Oriented Token Sale: The Future of Crowdfunding

Having identified the issues stemming from initial coin offerings (ICOs), WeBuy will approach crowdfunding in a completely different way, putting project responsibility, logic, and transparency at the forefront.

The project will conduct a Production-Oriented Token Sale (POTS) by breaking up the entire crowdfunding process into a few different rounds. Each one of them will be funded according to clear, predefined tasks. For each round, the company will publish its plan for the funds that it’s raising and a report at the end of the given period.

This guarantees total transparency regarding the allocation of funds and it will enable investors to clearly evaluate the achievements of the company based on the report of the current and previous POTS periods.

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