Liberating eCommerce for Consumers and SMEs

So, you want to start a business? Want to earn your livelihood offering some much-needed goods or services, you say? Why don’t you just grab some wood there and we’ll knock you together a stall before you can — oh, you meant an electronic store! Why didn’t you say so before?

Of course, commerce has moved beyond shouting over each other’s head to try and gain the attention of customers. Most customers would rather not be shouted at, or even go to the store when they can just shop from their devices. eCommerce is now the most preferred medium for the exchange of goods and services, not only allowing consumers to shop from the comfort of their homes, but also from anywhere in the world.

No wonder the appeal

The ease which buyers and sellers can easily transact is the impetus behind a trillion dollar industry tethering our daily activities. However, this industry stands on a very shaky foundation — one fraught with insecurity, privacy invasion, trust, product suitability, high technological costs, and legal murkiness.

Trust issues and privacy concerns are two of the biggest problems facing the industry. Unlike brick and mortar stores where cash is king, eCommerce platforms require users to provide their personal data including their address, phone and account number, and credit card details. Not all platforms have the right infrastructures to properly secure users’ information from protecting this information from hackers, while some have been known to sell users’ information to third-parties. It’s one thing worrying if that shoe is going to really fit without trying it on, it’s another thing worrying whose hands your personal information is fitting into.

Because the customers have no way of physically examining whatever they are buying online, they are more likely to put their faith in an established brand — hoping they’ve gotten too big to fail — rather than some up-and-coming. This had placed many a start-up on the back foot, constantly swimming against a current of consumer bias, high labor and technological costs, market monopoly and penetration. Consumers, on the other hand, have had control over their privacy wrenched from their hands and are continually being herded towards choices, not of their making.

Developing business for eCommerce platform is a difficult and grueling task where every infrastructure and feature must be up to the task from website maintenance to service delivery, customer service, and security response. Democratizing the exchange of values and services eliminates these barriers to eCommerce, providing powerful growth incentives for both parties to directly transact without needing to establish trust or compromise their privacy and security. At the heart of this democratization is a decentralized platform with in-built viral protocols, trustless exchange of values, users’ incentivization mechanisms, better customer targeting tools, and intuitive interface.

This platform is WeBuy

WeBuy — First Blockchain Era Commerce Platform

Bringing such a large number of businesses online without requiring the thousand of intermediaries required, WeBuy leverages blockchain technology to enable Buyers and Sellers to locate each other, communicate, and transact in real-time without friction. Consumers can freely build their own marketplaces based on stores whose products or service delivery appeals to them. Similarly, Buyers can band together to create virtual marketplaces for consumers, catering to a wide range of products and services they couldn’t possibly have serviced alone.

The mission behind WeBuy is the evolution of the eCommerce industry, decentralizing how we buy, sell, and trade while incentivizing every commercial activity on the platform. That means consumers can now earn on every ad sellers push to them or for referring other users to their marketplace. Hundreds of billions of dollars are paid to attract buyers annually, with WeBuy the buyers receive most of that money.

Easily accessible through mobile applications that use geolocation to enable sellers and buyers locate and communicate with each other, WeBuy is removing the barriers preventing millions of businesses around the world from maximizing their online sales, enabling them to their online presence instantly at zero cost and tap into the boundless potentials of online transaction.

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