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Exclusive with WeBuy’s CEO and Founder, Emil Guberman
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Exclusive with WeBuy’s CEO and Founder, Emil Guberman

One of the most complicated questions you can ever ask anybody or product is “Who are you?”. This question dominated the first part of our interview with Emil Guberman, CEO of WeBuy, the world’s first blockchain-era, commerce platform based on geolocation.

Who is Emil Guberman

‘Who you are?’ One of the most complicated questions you can ask any person. I have been thinking about this for the last 44 years” the renowned entrepreneur revealed, as we delve into understanding the man and his identity — a man’s identity is often tied to what he does.

“I can just tell some facts. In all areas, I love complicated and long term projects. I am happily married for the last 20 years and have five children. I have a degree in Computer Science and Marketing and Business Management. As a programmer, I worked 6 months — I admire people that can do it, own a group of companies in the oil & gas industry, working in different areas in the world — but mainly in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The first company I founded was Elonet — the second Internet Sites provider in Israel in 1996. At that time, it was the same brand new and unusual as blockchain today, so I am familiar with the skepticism that often trails emerging technology.

“I’ve made many projects during the last years, but WeBuy is the first I am in love with!”

Having successfully started and exited several ventures, Emil brings a wealth of technical expertise and experience to the development of a platform addressing the “passe” relationship between buyers and sellers.

A whole new ecosystem

WeBuy is building a whole new ecosystem for both sellers and buyers through the most disruptive technology known to man, the blockchain.

“Just think that the way we buy did not change since the first market (not market place ) in the world — the approach of “take it or leave it” is the one that is bad. Amazon is not different from the ancient bazaars. Buyers always choose from what is proposed, not get what they want. And this is the change we want to make! This change is now possible today!”

The power of choice is what is informing the development of WeBuy. WeBuy leverages Geolocation and blockchain technology to empower both buyers and sellers. The platform is not only redefining the relationship between those looking to acquire something and those in possession of it but also adding value to a critical component of every interaction: time.

No buyers – no sellers

“My attention as a Buyer, my time, and my effort should be compensated. This does not happen today, but this will happen in WeBuy — this is what it is all about.”

Without buyers, there wouldn’t be a seller. Yet, buyers have remained passive actors in the global commerce industry, conscripted to the sidelines to be exploited. WeBuy places them firmly in the center of all, revolving the ecosystem around the conditions and rules they set regarding not only sellers should contact them, but also at what rate, with the worthy product, and most importantly, rewarding them for their time without the obligation to buy anything. And to think this all started with a chair.

“Yes, I was about to buy chairs for my new office. I knew exactly what I needed and how much I was ready to pay, but there was no place to say — “this is what I need, please propose”. What I ended up doing was going outside, looking for what is available, and either settle for what was available — not what I wanted, or continue to look for the right place to spend my budget.”

To solve this challenge, WeBuy turned to geolocation as the final piece of the puzzle to put buyers and sellers in sync.

SellMe – greatest step for commerce

“Imagine yourself a very old market. The sellers are shouting around that their products are good and trying to grab the buyer inside. This is the old geolocation — every person passing nearby is s potential client. Not effective exactly as the online advertisement today. WeBuy geolocation is effective because it starts with the Buyer — SellMe is the greatest step of all for commerce.”

How does it work? Simple. Buyers post what they need on the app and immediately see which seller in their proximity has the required item, while sellers can immediately see which buyer is worth approaching or not.

“As Buyer, I will be contacted only by shops around me that match my need — not the product they have to sell. And if you ask about Sellers that still want to contact me, they should compensate me for my time every time they push me an offer. So I get proposals on my need and compensated for each second of my attention

WeBuy’s on-demand approach – a unique solution 

WeBuy is being developed as a real-time social network and a virtual marketplace, creating an interconnected ecosystem for both buyers and sellers to locate, communicate, and exchange values with each other.

As a buyer in today’s world, I make my buying decisions in mortar and brick shops and in my “buying journey” learned the pitfalls of shopping. The system of reviews is good but not always reliable, nor relevant. My friends are always ready to assist and advise, but they are not always around.

WeBuy’s on-demand approach gives us a unique solution — My SellMe can be created with questions and people around me that have similar SellMes or HAD similar SellMes before can help me. WeBuy takes all these and builds the compensation model around this, making sharing and helping somebody nearby not only good for karma but also good for the pocket!”

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