Buying the Moon, Selling Atlantis: Reinventing eCommerce Interaction through Blockchain Technology

You dash down the street, the wind nipping at your heels, clawing at your face, and screaming pass your ears. But you’re not bothered — you can’t be. After months of scouring the high streets, you’ve finally found the one that has consumed your thoughts, stalked your waking moments, and skirted your reach. Always so close, but yet so far away. Always so familiar, yet so different every time you see — the right shape, but the wrong color; the right color and shape, but the wrong length.

Then it stumbled into your path.

Just about right enough for it to tick off all your requirement — the shape, the color, the length, and most importantly, the price tag. You ready your finger to click on the “Buy” button when your eyes fell on to the bottom of the screen and your breath rasped in your lungs. There they were — in the “Similar” list — an inch and a shade closer to what you really had in mind!

You clicked on the closest among the list, started to read the description, and then, the same thing happened. The “Similar” list, again!

Black Friday Craziness

“Look! That one is even much closer to what we’re looking for…” And down the rabbit hole you go, forever chasing that shape at the peripheral of your vision.

Welcome to the antiquated way we continue to shop despite technological advancements. Matter of fact, technology seems to have only exacerbated the situation by forcing us to spend more time viewing ads, hopping from one recommended or similar list to the other before finally settling for something in the neighbor of what we’re actually looking for.

But what if, you can be compensated for viewing these ads and similar lists. What if every time you dive down the rabbit hole, you come up with substantial loot rewarding you for investing your time. Better yet, wouldn’t it be wonderful to just broadcast the exact item you’re looking for and have relevant stores in your locality get back to you on their availability and price, communicating with you directly?

With the world’s first blockchain-era platform, WeBuy, buying and selling exactly what is being sought is no longer a plunge down a rabbit hole of wasted time and resources, intrusive ads, fake reviews, and settling for less.

We Buy, You Sell

Why should you continue to run around looking for a product that you know exactly what it looks like? Why can’t you just describe your needs, send to local stores carrying the described items, and have them contact you via video or audio channels about the product availability?

WeBuy blockchain-based, mobile application reinvents the antiquated and strait by decentralizing and disintermediating buying and selling. Buyers can directly communicate and engage with merchant services in their locality using the platform’s innovative SellMe feature.

Buyers describe the product or service they want to buy through SellMe. Local stores in the area respond to the SellMe, showing the buyer their matches. The buyer can now review the deal, feedbacks the Seller has gotten, and extended store information, confidence in the fact that this information is immutable and cannot be tampered with.

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