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Why Zetanet?
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The internet of today is plagued with several issues, with security and speed among the biggest culprit. And as data continues to grow and expand into zetabyte, there is a growing concern on whether the existing internet protocol is able to handle the growth and the issues that come with it.

With this in mind, Skipjack aims to develop a new internet protocol to address these issues as well as help current blockchain technologies improve the performance of their network by running on top of Zetanet.

But what is Zetanet really?

In a  nutshell, Zetanet is the new internet being developed by Skipjack Corporation. It’s a revolutionary technology designed to address the existing and future flaws of internet and data. Based on the mathematical formula called Jack’s Law, Zetanet aims to:

  • Solve the global issue of data overload,
  • Provide users secure, efficient and reliable connection anywhere in the world, and
  • Facilitate faster and cost-effective transaction process.

What separates Zetanet from the existing internet protocol lies on the technology behind it.  It is designed to veer away from the current IP address-based routing to hashed-based data naming. This new protocol will cater to the all types of protocol including tcp, udp, blockchain and all others in the transport layer, making all protocols more effective.

One of the most remarkable benefit of the Zetanet is it removes the necessity for a domain name resolver (dns) reducing latency of data requests while increasing the security and integrity of the data because of hashed-based naming system.

In addition, an AI called Feistel Core Network helps Zetanet identify which part of a region or country the data is often used then creates a copy of the data on a node closest to that region for easier retrieval of each data request. It also features an indexing capabilities on each node, which helps each retrieval request identify which node is holding the hashed data.  

In terms of security, each data on the Zetanet is hashed before it is saved to any node on the network. This makes it impossible for any data to be corrupted, altered or maliciously used by anyone without the permission of the data owner.

This makes Zetanet one of the most innovative new technology in the market today. Zetanet is truly the future and it’s happening now.

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