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Encrypcurrency and its future use
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Skipjack’s Encrypcurrency has proven its viability and effectiveness. Solving the issues with speed and security, Encrypcurrency improved the way a digital transaction should be. But the question is, would it still exist in the next 5-10 years? The answer is a big YES. Its sustainability is not a question of how but what. We all know that in the near future, digital technologies will conquer the world. Encrypcurrency is going to be an essential wallet for people since it has the qualities that we want to make our life easier.

Encrypcurrency is the future of digital currency. People like instant and Skipjack made it possible by creating a technology that has a speed of a million transactions per second. Although moving towards mass market adoption of digital currency is a challenge, encrypcurrency is a very user-friendly technology that can be easily adopted.

Here are the different future uses of Encrypcurrency:
It could be the main mode of payment for internet users. It may not replace national currencies instantly but it could be one day as number of people using it increases.

Encrypcurrency can be a store of value — this kind inflationary currency could be adopted for everyday transactions like buying goods and other basic commodities.

It can promote greater financial stability since it is more secure than other currency.

It can avoid debt since the transactions are digital and the data are very intact and secured only for the use of the one who owns the account.

Also, Encrypcurrency would change how bank works and dethrone bankers as the lever pullers. It would alleviate bankers of their black magic, through which wealth is steadily leached from the lower layers of society.

These are just some of the future uses of Encrypcurrency and the list could go on and on as this technology innovates and improved. We may not believe it now, but it is very possible to take over the financial world and it is all because digital is becoming the new way to live.

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