Zetanet and Its Applications: A Quick Look

Most people know internet as simply the world wide web or the web. Internet, however, is more than that. Internet is basically a set of protocols designed to perform specific tasks. Zetanet, or internet 2.0, offers the same functionalities but with better security and a more robust environment. Below are some of the most common internet applications that Zetanet will improve upon:

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one of the first internet applications developed which allows users to transfer to and from different computers at anytime. Users can login to a remote computer, usually a server, and can execute the following: browse, upload and download files.

File Retrieval Protocols

File retrieval protocols is an internet protocol that enables users to retrieve information from computers that are connected to the internet. It provides users access to information about the file but not the description of its content.


Telnet lets users use a specific application on another user’s computer remotely through a secured location.

Apart from these protocols, Zetanet is also set to revolutionize how the internet is applied and used. The three most common applications of the internet are email, web browsing and peer-to-peer networking.  

Web browsing

This is possibly the biggest and most popular application of the internet today.  The internet as we know it today enables us to gain information quicker, communicate with people anywhere in the world and enable transactions anytime of the day. But all these come with security issues.


Email has become one of the main communication tools in today’s world.  As email continues to grow and increase its user base, it also becomes more susceptible to security breach and attacks such as phishing scam.  In addition,higher bandwidth is required to accommodate the growing number of users and the amount of data being shared through attachments and similar manner.

Peer-to-peer Networking

Peer-to-peer networking may be the fastest-growing application of the internet.  P2P networking, in a nutshell, is a network of interconnected computers without a centralized network.  

We are barely scratching the surface on what Zetanet can do. There are a myriad of possible applications Zetanet can offer across all industries, and can very well change the way we live.

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