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Moving Forward with Zetanet
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We all know that technology is evolving so fast that sometimes we tend to exert more effort to cope up with it. A lot of technology companies are trying to create more friendly and more relatable digital inventions to make people’s lives easier. These companies always answer a specific problem or problems.

Skipjack Corporation (SKJ), a financial tech company, solves the problem of efficiency, speed and security/ It added hope to the digital world and its inventions are one of a kind. Zetanet, for example, is a very innovative product that solves digital problems that the current internet cannot solve. One of the most remarkable benefit of the Zetanet is it removes the necessity for a domain name resolver (dns) reducing latency of data requests while increasing the security and integrity of the data because of hashed-based naming system. This feature of Zetanet is an assurance for people that their data is in good hands.

Aside from Superencryp Block of Skipjack, Zetanet will be the most secured protocol for the birth of new internet technology with application beyond internet of things. “We will be having our trials for the next quarter for the Zetanet pilot network. It will pave the road towards a faster and secured internet experience”, Prof. Dr. Sir Mike Irvan, the CFOO/CSO of SKJ said. Moving forward, SKJ is negotiating with the Indonesian government via an FDI investment for a Zetanet growth hub. Trial take place in phases in selected sites like Australia, Europe, Canada, Asia and Middle East as well.

Zetanet is going to be a legacy for the digital world. The team behind SKJ are finding ways to improve it more to be more reliable and efficient.

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