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Waves World awarded $6,250 by Waves Labs for loyalty program

February 7, 2019, US – Waves World – a leading Waves node, marketplace and community hub – has been granted 2,500 WAVES (around $6,250) by Waves Labs in one of the first disbursements from the Waves Grants initiative. The funding will be used to research and write a report on the implementation of loyalty programmes on the Waves blockchain.

The project, which has built a range of services around its core offerings of a crypto-based marketplace and major Waves mining node, has established itself as pioneer of crypto token rewards – with numerous ways to both earn and spend Waves World (WW) tokens. Waves World will draw on this experience to formulate guidelines for other loyalty projects hosted within the Waves ecosystem.

‘Waves World has some unique insights into the crypto loyalty space, running a diverse and effective crypto reward system for its community. Thanks to this experience, we think we can offer valuable assistance to other initiatives looking to launch loyalty solutions on the Waves platform.’ Alan Dubla, co-founder and CEO of Waves World

The funding, which is worth over $6,250 at current market rates, will be used as follows:

  • 35% (875 WAVES) research and writing support
  • 25% (625 WAVES) Waves World development fund, for long-term marketing and development of the platform, including explainer videos showing how to lease, trade and run a tip campaign
  • 5% (125 WAVES) Waves World Foundation
  • 5% (125 WAVES) Marketing & PR support
  • 10% (250 WAVES) Distribution of WW to Waves World Top 100 club and Leasers
  • 10% (250 WAVES) Further development of Waves World Referral Bot
  • 10% (250 WAVES) Waves World white paper revision

‘Community-based projects, like Waves World, are the foundation of any ecosystem. I’m sure that the highly professional team of Waves World will deliver a result which dozens of other Waves-based projects will use.’ Vitaliy Tsigulev, COO of Waves Labs

Waves World would like to take this opportunity to thank Waves Labs for their generous support of this initiative and the Waves World ecosystem.

About Waves Labs

Waves Labs is an initiative for supporting talented developers and promising startups focused on building the decentralised technologies that will form the backbone to Web 3.0. The mission of Waves Labs is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain and build out the Waves ecosystem.

About Waves WorldWaves World is an incentives-based ecosystem, with the Waves World (WW) token used to reward value-added contributions to the community, or leasing to the Waves World node. Reward tokens can be spent in the Waves World marketplace, which offers a variety of blockchain-related products and services. Waves World are veterans of the blockchain space who are passionate about Waves and peer-to-peer technology. Waves World was created for the grassroots community around the simple values of personal engagement and maximising the economic benefits digital assets hold for the world.

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