Is Mother Nature our mother?

Above Souther Europe, May 23, 2016, looking northeast. (NASA)
If our generation does not do the impossible, waiting for us unthinkable
Petra Kelly

We compare nature to the mother, who always provides us, although the relationship with the planet turned out to be much more complicated. Perhaps nature is not our mother, but our creditor, and under the law of commodity-money relations, she will demand to repay the debt. And the time for repayment of loans has already come. Intense forest fires indicate that Mother Nature is raging.

Significant cost savings on the environment led to the fact that the environment has become dangerous to our health. If we do not invest into environmental protection now, then, according to scientists, we are inevitably waiting for a global planetary collapse, which will simply force the inhabitants of the planet to throw all the funds at the restoration of nature or leave the planet and move, for example, to Mars. Will there be an opportunity for all of us to fly away?

The laws by which nature operates have always been, and only now people have practically realized the scale of the disaster, they are trying to do something to resurrect the almost lost, to correct the spoiled, to prevent the further destruction of nature. And only we, all together, must and can preserve our planet and build a safer world for our and future generations.


How much can we afford to invest into ecology?

Particle “eco” in the word “ecology” in translation from ancient Greek means “home”. How much money does it take to spend on building up your household? A good owner spends much more than 1-2% of the family budget to keep the house clean and beautiful. But if it comes to the fact that our home is the whole Earth, then we bring too little money into the care of our global home; we assign ourselves much more than we give in return.

How much should you invest in ecology? According to environmental experts, to stabilize the environmental situation at the current level, it is required to spend at least 3% of GDP, to improve it – at least 4% of GDP, for a radical change – at least 5% of GDP. Currently, investments in ecology make up only 1% of GDP.

Who will give money to improve the environment?

Those who are always, that is, we are all together. One thing must be taken into account: money is dispersed among us unevenly and not everyone likes to share with the environment. As a result, money, as always, is not enough.

But now there is another source of assets – the Cryptocurrency.
An eco-enthusiast team is developing the startup Ecostart, which will make its modest contribution to the preservation of our planet using a fundraising platform and an ecological lottery. Part of the money from the lottery will be used to finance environmental projects. The main core of the EcoStart platform will be a new crypto currency – TerraEcocoin. Part of the commission from the transactions of this cryptocurrency will be transferred to the Investment Environmental Fund (IEF) for the subsequent financing of environmental (green) projects.

Join the EcoStart project. Mother Nature, have the right to life.
Details on the website

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