Waves Released a Blockchain-Based Christmas Game

Waves, a global blockchain platform centered around a multi-currency wallet that features a decentralized exchange (DEX), has partnered with Tradisys and released a Christmas-themed game to demostrate the utility of Waves smart contracts in gaming. The game will be available until 8 January.

According to the team’s announcement, the game is a random reward generator in which users choose presents from under a tree. Each reward will either be WAVES tokens or a toy that submits donations to the Children’s Hospice.

In order to start the game users should have Waves Account with a minimum amount of 1.031 WAVES and Waves Keeper extension installed on their browser.

Gameplay process:

  1. Choose a box
  2. Pay with Waves Keeper:
    — 0.031 WAVES is a transaction fee
    — 1 WAVES is a box price
  3. Confirm your choice with Waves Keeper
  4. Get a prize:
    — One box contains 3 WAVES
    — Four boxes contain Xmas toys that will be used to decorate the Waves Xmas Tree

Each game session that would be launched by a player will create a smart contract decentralising backed operations. This is the first game released since Waves launched a nearly $2 million fund (1,000,000 WAVES) dedicated to building games on its blockchain platform.

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