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Okex updates the Bitcoin Cash ABC Ticker
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Okex updates the Bitcoin Cash ABC Ticker

As announced a few days ago, the Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Okex updated this morning the Bitcoin Cash ABC ticker from BCHABC to BCH, and that of Bitcoin SV from BCHSV to BSV.

Bitcoin Cash ABC will then be assigned the original Bitcoin Cash ticker.

The spot contracts of BCHABC and BCHSV were suspended for a few hours this morning; all remaining balances of the original BCH futures were liquidated and the cryptocurrency was removed from the customer accounts.

Bitcoin Cash ABC has also earned the BCH ticker in other major exchanges. Indeed, on 8 December, the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, founded by the Winklevoss brothers, announced that it will “only provide support for the Bitcoin ABC blockchain” and that it will be identified on the exchange with the BCH ticker.

In October, just before Bitcoin Cash split, Coinbase also announced support for the Bitcoin ABC blockchain.

Bitcoin Cash SV seems at this point to be the real defeated Hard Fork on November 15th.

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