Wednesday, February 2019
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Bitcoin Bear Market Forces Ethereum Cofounder To Make Changes
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Bitcoin Bear Market Forces Ethereum Cofounder To Make Changes

The fall in the price of bitcoin, ethereum, and Ripple’s XRP (as well as the wider cryptocurrency market) over the last month is beginning to cause companies to rethink their strategies—battening down the hatches in preparation for what could be a long crypto winter.

Ethereum cofounder and ConsenSys chief executive Joseph Lubin (who last month predicted blockchain technology would cause a radical overhaul of society) has said he’s planning to restructure ConsenSys to protect it against the recent downturn that saw bitcoin record falls of more than 40% in a matter of weeks.

Ethereum’s tradable token ether is down by more than 50% since early November, topping off a year that has wiped some $700 billion from the cryptocurrency market as investors get cold feet waiting for long-expected institutional investment into the sector.

Lubin’s ConsenSys, and ethereum-based development studio, is now reorganizing, entering a new phase Lubin calls ConsenSys 2.0, focusing on efficiency, accountability, and attention to revenue.

According to a letter from Lubin to ConsenSys employees, seen by Breaker magazine, underperforming ConsenSys projects will be axed and the arm of ConsenSys that oversees venture investment will become more like a traditional startup accelerator.

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