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HyperDragons, a game by MIXMARVEL, to Operate on Ontology
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HyperDragons, a game by MIXMARVEL, to Operate on Ontology

Ontology has announced a partnership with game platform and content community MIXMARVEL to build blockchain-based games on the Ontology platform. MIXMARVEL will develop applications using Ontology infrastructure, airdrop to the Ontology community, and participate in joint branding and marketing activities. At the same time, HyperDragons, one of the top dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, will use the Ontology platform for the first time.

The two sides will use this popular game as a benchmark to develop more blockchain-based games. The Ontology public chain and MIXMARVEL platform will jointly provide developer-friendly SDKs to enrich dApps on the Ontology platform and bring more traffic to the blockchain.

MIXMARVEL has been committed to reducing barriers for everyday users to participate in blockchain technology by providing a one-stop shop for blockchain games. MIXMARVEL also allows players to acquire digital assets and use them on the platform, and provides markets and modules that enable players to autonomously create free games.

Talking on the cooperation, Chief Strategy Officer of Ontology Andy Ji, said:

“Blockchain is a hot technology and the blockchain gaming industry is one which the public can easily participate in. Ontology and MIXMARVEL will work together to give a more exciting experience for HyperDragons and bring more fun to the Ontology ecosystem. It also makes blockchain technology, which seems unreachable to many, something they can intimately play with. This is important for the long-term adoption of the technology. This is not only another innovative application of Ontology technology, but it also highlights the power and versatility of the Ontology chain network system”.

Since March this year, HyperDragons has been ranked top five in the global blockchain game rankings. The release of the “Rocket Arena” at the end of September solved the blockchain gaming industry’s slow network and high cost problems, leading it to become the world’s number one decentralized game, overtaking CryptoKitties. Moving forward, Ontology and MIXMARVEL will work on public chain technology and dApp development together to foster the next generation of our internet.

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