Sunday, May 2019
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Sidera comes back stronger than before: it’s burn time!
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Sidera comes back stronger than before: it’s burn time!

Sidera is happy to announce two strides concerning the future of token economy and decentralization.

In this first article, the procedure adopted by Sidera to allow for a deflation of the current eQUOS circulating supply will be explained.
After ICO end and preparing for listings, the Sidera Team is carrying several goals to accomplishment, they will occur during the next days: one of these is Token Burn.

Token Burn is the process in which part of the tokens originally created with the smart-contract are literally “burned” (i.e. deleted from the total supply).

This allows a resize of the total ammount of circulating tokens and increases the demand, thus increasing the unitary price.

Sidera always took to the heart the investment of those who believed in the project, therefore it decided to burn 10.000.000 eQUOS at block 6644432, esteemed to be mined in 10/12 days.

The second announcement will be published during the next hours.
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