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OpenBrix — Chapter 2: The New Dawn
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OpenBrix — Chapter 2: The New Dawn

Dear OpenBrix Community,

First of all, I hope that you’ve all had a pleasant summer season and a well-earned break. I am delighted to announce that the team at OpenBrix, as promised in my introductory email back in August, have been working very hard behind the scenes to implement the structural changes needed to carry us into the final stages of our ITO.

As a result, over the next week or so we will be making announcements on the following topics:

New Whitepaper, LitePaper and Tokenomics
In the light of feedback from our community and investors, we have changed certain elements of our business model to make our project more sustainable in the long term. These changes to our tokenomics will be reflected in an updated version of our whitepaper to be released shortly.

New Structure
As announced in my August statement, we have made moves to bring our IT development in-house. We have also been working on other key appointments, as well as full-time staff to take us through to the next phase of our business operations.

Token Sale Timetable
Due to the significant level of funding being raised through our private investor network, we have decided to suspend our public sale, and go straight into development. General members of the public will be able to purchase BRIX token directly from our Partner Exchange, FYDO from 1st January 2019, at retail price.

Discount Rate
As a result of securing this funding, and the suspending the general ITO, we have removed all the ‘discount token sale periods’.

However, given that many of our community members had already signed up to our private sale whitelist to purchase BRIX at 40% (discount rate), we have decided to honour this commitment. Our private sale whitelist will therefore remain open until 8th November 2018. This will be the only opportunity for OpenBrix community members to benefit from the 40% discount, and the discount will be available to a limited number of community members who sign up to the whitelist and complete their KYC / transaction. After the private sale has been completed, all remaining BRIX will be deposited on the FYDO exchange for general sale.

Members of the whitelist will receive an email on the 8th November, and will have until the 30th November to complete their transaction.

Those already on the whitelist will be contacted next week to provide an early estimation of how much they wish to purchase, and will receive priority notification for BRIX purchase.

Our Bounty timetable remains on course. We will be distributing BRIX tokens to our bounty community in December 2018 after the private sale has ended. More information on bounty distribution will be provided at that time.

That’s all from me, for now.

Please watch this space for further details, as we look forward to launching the ultimate phase of our ITO and driving ahead with the development of the OpenBrix platform.

Yours respectfully,

Amy Orivel

CEO OpenBrix.

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