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Why Sidera has the best security system on the market
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Why Sidera has the best security system on the market

Security is one of today’s main topics, especially in the crypto world. Sidera has therefore created a fully encrypted device with AES 2048 encryption; a military standard which allows the user the security and authenticity of his data. In today’s media the concern relies always more on security and specifically on the two-factor authentication, namely 2FA.


The insecurity around the authentication is now a known issue, which occurs through sms validation.
Through unique individually generated data, Sidera proposes itself as an alternative to security authentication. The data changes from individual to individual based on specific personal parameters such as: skin’s transpiration, arm movement, heartbeat, resting time etc.

The solution proposed by the Sidera Smartwatch solves most of the security issues. Being pioneers of such an unknown market like the one of wearables, is not enough. Sidera will always make security a priority in order to protect its community. Moreover, Sidera will continue to work alongside its strategic partnerships to allow a safe adoption, in order to give the user the maximum security in storing their crypto.

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