Sidera is happy to announce its partnership with OPP Open WiFi

Another amazing project joins the list of our partners: OPP Open WiFi is building a network of Hotspot Hosts, sharing their unused mobile phone data to create global free to access WiFi hotspots.

In exchange for sharing their unused data, OPP Open WiFi pays each Hotspot Host on a daily basis. The payments are made in OPP Tokens and will cover all or part of the Host’s monthly internet bills.

Both Sidera and OPP Open WiFi clearly see the enormous synergy that exists between them and it is with great excitement that OPP Open WiFi and Sidera are proud to announce an intra-investment package with a value totaling $2.5 million between our organisations.

This will help us to develop our respective technologies alongside each other with the aim of taking crypto to the mainstream, allowing you to use your OPP Tokens just like old fashioned cash.

Another step towards the future that we’re building.

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