Saturday, February 2019
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Use New Paper Tip Platform, Cryptotip, to Leave Dash Tips
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Use New Paper Tip Platform, Cryptotip, to Leave Dash Tips includes Dash in its platform to allow consumers to make easily accessible and printable paper wallet tips to hand out to other individuals.

Cryptotip was founded as a solution to the old platform not integrating new cryptocurrencies after the transaction fees and confirmation times skyrocketed for Bitcoin. So Ian Freeman, host of Free Talk Live, took it upon himself to find a solution. Ian teamed up with Michael Hampton of Ringing Liberty to program a whole new website from scratch. They launched with a public beta in Dash earlier this year and just integrated Bitcoin Cash. Ian told Dash Force News that in beta, “Dash was the exclusive cryptocurrency” because of “the fact that Dash is fairly useful on the ground here in Keene, NH, which is one of the top 5 Dash accepting cities according to the DiscoverDash administrator”.

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