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Ontology Holds Japan Community MainNet Event in Tokyo
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Ontology Holds Japan Community MainNet Event in Tokyo

Ontology, a new high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, held its community Japan MainNet event in Ginza, Tokyo, on August 25th. Many blockchain developers, media, and community members gathered to discuss current blockchain technology development and plans ahead.

First, Ontology’s Founder LI Jun gave a speech on Ontology’s vision. He also gave an example of commerce, pointing out that any “simple” transaction requires multiple factors to trust. This shows the necessity for a distributed trust ecosystem like that of Ontology’s.

He then introduced how to use Ontology’s official comprehensive client ONT, desktop wallet OWallet, smart contract development tool SmartX, and other applications. ONTO will help users manage their digital identity and digital assets, participate in distributed data exchange, and more. SmartX provides diversified smart contract templates and a strong online editor. Those who require smart contracts can refer to and use contract templates or entrust community developers to customize templates for them; these tools can bring more convenience to everyday work scenarios. Speaking on this, LI Jun said:“This Ontology-developed software can enable users to manage and collaborate with family, friends, or colleagues without supervision, meaning we are allowed to put more trust in technology”.

Regarding the technical community, LI Jun invited more developers to join Ontology’s community and co-build the trust ecosystem. Ontology has allocated 10% of all ONT for the technical community.

Mathias Glintborg, Ontology’s Global Development Manager, explained Ontology community development further. Ontology’s bounty program is currently underway, individual developers and teams can apply to participate in tasks via the Ontology official website and give feedback to the program. Ontology welcomes all creative and innovative ideas.

Ontology’s ecosystem partners also brought great speeches to the event. The VP of blockchain digital advertisement platform DAD, Leslie Wu, said: “Effective application of blockchain technology in the advertisement industry can make better profiles and more accurate advertisement delivery. We look forward to providing more transparent data and fair advertising through Ontology’s technology”.

Hardware System Architecture Director of blockchain-based smart hardware infrastructure solution platform COT (Chain of Things), YANG Yang, mentioned in his speech:“COT will build a blockchain-based smart hardware and IoT universal infrastructure platform, integrating the Ontology chain network and COT’s IoT and smart hardware common structure to support object-based trust recognition, interaction, transaction, and transfer for society and businesses”.Tony Yu, PR and Brand VP of the blockchain-based new generation credit service network Points (PTS), said:“We are now entering an explosive era of data, yet only around 0.5% of all data has been collected and analyzed effectively. Under these circumstances, PTS will work with Ontology to promote innovation and application of blockchain technology, and with the help of distributed finance and credit rating, create the world’s first blockchain credit service application with a data volume exceeding one hundred million.

Business Development Director of blockchain-based BDN (Business Data Network), LI Sheng, talked about current consumer behavior and business data storage:

“Data supply and demand, distributed storage, privacy and security, and certification are important parts of today’s business development process. Thanks to Ontology’s technology, BDN will effectively promote industrial upgrading and integration, establish a digital identity collaboration platform, and promote implementation of the blockchain business ecosystem”.

Mick, Co-Founder of digital content public chain Contentos, described Contentos’ vision, which is to build a decentralized content platform that supports free creation, distribution, and exchange of content. COS, Contentos’ token, can already be used in LiveMe, Cheez, PhotoGrid, and others. Mick said:

“Contentos will continue to use blockchain technology to reshape the content ecosystem and dig into the value of content”.

Kelvin Yan, VP of Engineering of CarBlock, the world’s first decentralized car business market, explained:

“CarBlock already has around 410,285 active users worldwide and uses 56 types of car data. This market has huge volume and development potential. Along with Ontology’s chain network and CarBlock’s car data blockchain protocol-level solution, car businesses can achieve fair data transactions and promote a new smart transport ecosystem”.

During the roundtable, speaking on the technology development environment in China and Japan, Founder of Ontology LI Jun said:

“In China, the number of users is huge and the demand is diverse. We also have good infrastructure and high-quality internet resources, which shows the huge potential of technology development in the China market. If a technology product can provide extensive services in China, then it can stand the test to become a world-class product. Ontology will continue to work in this direction and support applications across the world”.

DAD Founder Steven agreed on this point, he shared:

“In China, developers, investors, and even students are forming blockchain communities. The next stage of the development for blockchain technology should be more focused on innovation and the acceleration of decentralized networks”.

HashHub’s Co-Founder Junya Hirano said:

“From my perspective, the Chinese market is very dynamic, and we have seen its strength in public chain technology. We look forward to building open and transparent communities”.

After the meeting, Ontology’s Founder LI Jun, Chief Strategy Officer Andy Ji, and Business Development Director Daniel Wen were interviewed by several local Japanese media. Speaking on Ontology’s MainNet, Andy Ji said:

“Since the official launch of Ontology 1.0 on June 30th, our team continues to push forward with our timeline. At present, we have dApps in many fields such as advertising, audio, video, and finance. There will be many more dApps in the near future”.

More than 400 Japanese developers and supporters signed up to Ontology’s Japan community MainNet event. Ontology will later hold a hackathon in Tokyo and will continue to discuss cooperation with several Japanese developers and partners. The next Ontology meetup will be held in Singaporeon 16th September. We look forward to meeting more local developers and supporters!

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