Russian Federation on internal comms between science and business

According to the TASS news agency at the Technoprom forum, 2018, the President of the Russian Federation, V.V. Putin said: “Russia intends to create a network for internal communication between the scientific and business community.” This suggests that the government of the Russian Federation has realized the need to create a communicative environment between scientific, IT and business communities, for the effective development of scientific progress in the framework of international competition. But the creation of a local community will not be as optimal as those required for solving scientific problems here and now. And also the creation of such a platform within the framework of one country pursues only its interests and is aimed at creating a soil for scientific excellence in the framework of international competition — which significantly reduces the likelihood of a quality product realization.

We, within the framework of the “International Science Center” project, offer an international platform for ensuring effective interaction of scientific and business communities around the world. The team of the International Science Center states that it has no direct relationship and does not cooperate with the government of the Russian Federation, so the team declares that it does not represent the interests of any state in order to avoid centralization in the scientific world, as well as the goals for the development of scientific and IT communities — By creating a bridge between executors and customers in the person of business representatives and attracting funding for technology projects from private investments.

The ISH Director-General commented:
“If the ISH enters the market, it will be possible to forget about the new program of the Russian Federation on providing scientific and technical superiority over other countries,” says Denis Zyryanov (CEO, founder of the ISH)

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